Кира Пластинина усиленно худеет к свадьбе The designer hinted at the upcoming nuptials. Kira Plastinina living and studying in the United States. At the weekend she shared in the microblog new frame in the caption which explained that he was preparing to get married.

      Designer Kira Plastinina living and studying abroad. Girl shares in the microblogging shots with their favorite dogs, and also talks about life in the United States. Yesterday the designer announced that is getting married soon. “Begin preparations for the wedding to cleanse program”, signed with the juices the daughter of a businessman Sergei Plastinina. No details 24-year-old heiress the owner of a large business said.

      In addition to the special drinks for weight loss, a new picture Plastinina can be considered an engagement ring with a large precious stone. She hides the elect and tells us about when the wedding will take place. However, in the miraculous juices Kira spoke in detail about their occupations and free time, putting that she is the designer of the two brands and are the originators of the company, which supports young talents in fashion.

      By the way, in the US Plastinina began a completely different life. She moved to the States in 2014, as he entered the MBA course at Columbia University. “For a designer is not enough just to understand how to create the collection. No less important in the detail to provide, how to construct all the business processes, how to develop your fashion house in which direction to move, how to organize the work of retail network and to create a successful promotion strategy,” explained Kira your choice.

      After the owner of the brand Kira Plastinina left Russia, her company began to experience hard times. At the moment the General Director of fashion group, was appointed Dutchman Jan the Heer, who previously headed the Department for international development to Marks & Spencer. However, the firm is not able to emerge from the crisis, and 2014 brought a loss of one billion rubles. Recently began to circulate rumors that the company “Kira Plastinina style” is preparing for bankruptcy. Kira’s father, Sergei has long since abandoned this business, and the firm are unable to cope with debts without his support.

      “Bankruptcy is now our only option, we are inundated with claims, all of our accounts are arrested, the total debt – about 500 million rubles”,- said General Director Igor Mukhachev. Business Kira Plastinina was on the verge of bankruptcy