Ольга Романовская пострадала на съемках «Ревизорро» According to the presenter, she was attacked by employees of the catering. In Vladivostok, while checking one of the institutions of Olga Romanov involuntarily became the participant of fight. The woman had to contact the police and write a statement about causing her bodily harm.

      Olga Romanovskaya faced problems during the filming of the program “Revizorro” in Vladivostok. Leading and her colleagues came to check the conditions of cooking and clean local teahouse. According to representatives of the restaurant operators and journalists from the TV channel “Friday” had no documents authorizing this sort of examination. Caterers told the police about such a violation of their rights and beating one of the employees.

      “It triggered the panic button and went to a private security outfit. As explained by the leaders of the institution, the crew was part of the journalist, the operator and two other men. They introduced themselves and tried to break into the kitchen. Assistant Director received the injuries which he inflicted two members of this crew,” – said the press service of the Ministry of internal Affairs for the Primorsky Krai.

      According to host of “Revizorro” Olga Romanov, the victim in this situation was exactly it. The journalist has addressed in law enforcement bodies with the statement that in the conflict she was injured. The police of Vladivostok finds out what really happened between the crew of the “Friday” and representatives of the teahouse.

      This is not the first incident with participation of the team “Revizorro”. Earlier, the court dealt with discrediting the business reputation of a fast food restaurant “Royal Burger” information that was announced in the program of TV channel “Friday”. And at the end of the summer the crew was faced with aggression caterers in Smolensk. In the institution “Chubby raccoon” owners sprayed gas pepper spray.

      “It all happened lightning fast, the cans were sprayed twice, the second time splashed specially in the direction of Olga. At some point she was left alone in the kitchen, huddled in a corner, a heavy cough from the pepper, the tears flowed in two streams. She couldn’t get out of the kitchen without help, in the end it brought out our administrator”, commented the producer of the project Elena Shipunova.

      Despite such difficulties, the Romanov satisfied with the work of the presenter “Revizorro”. She admits that she had to overcome himself in terms of appearance to look much stronger in the frame. The new host of “Revizorro”: “compared to Lena Fly, I’m cute!”