Media are discussing the possible affair of Jolie and Depp

СМИ обсуждают возможный роман Джоли и Деппа Hollywood actor decided to comfort his colleague. Angelina Jolie hired a lawyer who conducted the case of johnny Depp. Now the artist is preparing for a divorce with her husband Bad pitt.

      СМИ обсуждают возможный роман Джоли и Деппа

      Divorce is one of the most beautiful couples of Hollywood, Angelina Jolie and brad pitt literally shook the whole world. Their breakup has generated a lot of rumors and speculation regarding the reasons for the gap.

      Not so long ago there was public discussion of another high – profile divorce of actor johnny Depp and his young wife amber heard. The girl insisted that their relationship was based on love, and the actress did not pursue Mercantile interests. However, after leaving the herd agreed with the former spouse compensation in the amount of seven million dollars. However, the actress decided magnanimously to give the money to charity. Scandalous divorce johnny Depp and amber heard: what really triggered it

      Angelina, following the example of his colleague, with whom he played in the movie “the Tourist”, his hired lawyer Laura Wasser. Now Jolie and Depp, United by the common grief of parting with his mate, spending more time together.

      “Angelina adored johnny for many years, before working in “the Tourist”, and then they became friends on the set – according to the source foreign publications. – There were rumors that he seduced her, and then she admitted to the magazine that fidelity was not a necessity.”

      It is also said that during the divorce Depp with Hurd he’s not lost touch with Angelina, which supported him in a difficult situation. In the Western press discussing what Hollywood actors connect not friendly relations. It was rumored that after the filming of “the Tourist” between them broke out feeling, and now, when and Depp and Angelina broke off relations with their spouses, they became closer to each other.

      Despite the fact that Angelina and brad stated that the reason for their separation were children, according to numerology, marriage Jolie and pitt kept only on the patience of the actor.

      “She is a very bossy woman who likes to make mountains out of molehills – that’s the house of the star couple had quarrelled frequently. Jolie is one of those people who always dissatisfied with everything. She is constantly unsatisfied, ever searching… It prevents her, as a woman, to be happy. Also her character is present obstinacy. All of the above suggests that under tremendous external data Angelina, marriage stars kept only on the patience of pitt. It’s program is ambitious and for the purpose will do anything. Brad is a fan of his work, always achieves goals,” said Clara Kuzenbaeva.

      According to the Sun, there is no suggestion that the rapprochement between Jolie and Depp played a role and her breakup with pitt.