Wife of Andrei Arshavin about the affair: “He was crying, and I forgave”

Жена Андрея Аршавина об измене: «Он плакал, и я простила» Shortly before the wedding, with Alice Catimini player secretly met with model Catherine. The athlete led a double life. However, the choice of Arshavin found the strength to forgive the man she loved.
Жена Андрея Аршавина об измене: «Он плакал, и я простила»

In September will be a year since the 36-year-old has married with a 35-year-old lady Alice Catimini. After a long relationship the pair modestly got married in one of the salons of St. Petersburg. The bride that moment was in the fourth month of pregnancy. In February, Arshavin and Kazeminy a daughter that the couple named Asena.

Wife of Andrei Arshavin: “We have survived persecution and happy”

Into two camps

And shortly after the birth of the heiress Alice were in for a real shock. Being the baby in Spain, she found out that Arshavin is a year cheated on her with a girl named Catherine, now the wife of one of the famous St. Petersburg businessmen.

“Andrew was leading a double life, – says the “StarHit” man of the family of Arshavina Sergei. In 2015 he played in the St. Petersburg “Zenith” and during the celebration of his birthday I met Katya – model, cute curvaceous blonde. She liked him, began to chat, have an affair… Andrew gave her an expensive watch, was invited to football games and even gave the foreign car passion had fun. They secretly met in hotels, restaurants, airports… Catherine made plans about the wedding with Arshavin. This is despite the fact that she was in a relationship. The young man Katie, of course, was not aware that he is slowly but surely growing horns!”
Жена Андрея Аршавина об измене: «Он плакал, и я простила»

Kazmina, who for three years dated a football player, knew nothing about it regular adultery. At that time, Alice and Andrew were first built and then furnished the house in a prestigious St. Petersburg district Kolomyagi, Arshavin seen spending time with beloved children from other marriages… Only this spring a secret all of a sudden became clear.

“Alice called this new husband of Katie Alexander, – continues Sergey. And all it literally dumped, saying that the wife herself admitted in the novel with Arshavin, apparently, during one of the family quarrels decided to hit home. They were on the verge of divorce, but then he accepted the cheating and forgave her.”

Andrey Arshavin: “I stayed and have no regrets”

Like snow on the head

As in turn, and wife of Andrew. The couple are still together, recently Kazmina flew to the football in Alma-ATA, where he is more year, playing for the local club “Kairat”. Now together with their three children Alice rest in warm countries. And brags on social networks with expensive gifts – she gave a gorgeous red Lamborghini.

“I don’t understand why this man appeared in our lives two years later, commented “StarHit” information about the betrayal of a spouse Kazmina. – Our relationship with Andrew after the wedding and the birth of a daughter is much better. He has changed, became absolutely to others: attentive, caring, very trying for us. Wept when it appeared that Sasha didn’t understand how a man can do to ruin a family. Now we are fine, get a divorce I’m not going. Of course, it was hard to go through it, but all in the past. Andrew loves children, my daughter calls him dad, even though he was not native. With the biological father she, unfortunately, does not communicate”.
Жена Андрея Аршавина об измене: «Он плакал, и я простила»

Arshavin also was not able to establish contact with the three children from the civil marriage to TV presenter Yulia Baranovskaya. According to Alice, the mother against Artem, Yana and Arseny saw my father. Recently, the player pays to the heirs of child support takes half of his income. For a long time, the financial issue was a matter of dispute Julia and Andrew.