Супруга Александра Кержакова сумела стать родной его наследникам The young wife of the football player was very afraid that the son and daughter Alexandra will not accept it. She met with a young Igor after a month long relationship with Kerzhakov and very quickly found a common language with him. Milan said, as took her to the family, the heirs of Alexander.

      Супруга Александра Кержакова сумела стать родной его наследникам

      For family drama the famous footballer Alexander Kerzhakov two years ago was watched by the whole country. The athlete then broke off relations with his beloved Catherine Safronova and took their son Igor to yourself. A long time ex-fiancee Kerzhakov tried to win the right to raise a child on their own, but some circumstances did not allow her to do so. According to Alexander, his ex-wife is suffering from drug addiction, but because he can’t allow his son to stay with his mother.

      In the period when litigation in this case were in full swing, next to Kerzhakov was his favorite woman, of Milan and the world. When young people got married, the choice of the athlete managed to become for his children from a previous relationship – daughter Dasha and son Igor ‘ – the true backbone and a close friend. The confessions the Milana, she was very worried she wouldn’t be able to get along with a young son wife, but these fears proved groundless.

      “Igor is always with me and Sasha. I can’t and don’t want to entrust it to anyone. If you do not take into account the legal component of the question, of course, I think the Igor family man,” said the girl.
      Супруга Александра Кержакова сумела стать родной его наследникам

      Milan admitted that after some time the boy even called her mom. According to his wife, Kerzhakov, it happened randomly. Milan has created a situation of comfort for the heirs of Alexander and surrounding them with care and love. “This is kind, nice, and pierces to the depths,” – said the player’s wife. Alexander Kerzhakov talked about how his children are getting along with a new sweetheart

      Супруга Александра Кержакова сумела стать родной его наследникам

      Recall that Milan Kerzhakov married the football player in June 2015. She moved to Switzerland with the family of the athlete as the forward of Petersburg “Zenith” has offered to play on loan for FC “Zurich”. Milan, Alexander and his successors, Igor and Dasha, living in a posh apartment. From apartment Windows offer beautiful views of the entire city.

      “I’m proud of my husband. Always dreamed, imagined myself with a man whom you admire. As for his professional activities, he is all to all have already proved. Personal life Sasha – for me an example of steadfastness and endurance, the ability to realize their mistakes and correct them”, – said Milan in an interview with “TV program”.

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