Супруги Краско планируют детей 85-year-old folk artist and his 24-year-old wife are thinking about heirs. But while Ivan and Natalia Krasko stop certain circumstances. Now they are trying to solve the housing problem and to wait until a little older his sons from a previous marriage.

      Супруги Краско планируют детей

      Marriage 85-year-old actor Ivan Krasko with 24-year-old aspiring actress Natalia Shevel was a real surprise for the public. The lovers got married last fall. The couple assured everyone of the sincerity of his love, showing tender feelings towards each other. Despite the big age difference with his young wife, Ivan still hopes to give birth to heirs General.

      “We’re children with Natasha planned”, – said people’s artist.

      But while Natalia is not in a hurry becomes a mother, because I do not intend to bear and raise kids in cramped living conditions. An elderly man is sympathetic to the position of spouses and notes that now is not the best time to get posterity. The fact that a young family Krasko lives in the apartment of his sister-in-law Ludmila Zvonareva and grandson of Cyril. Relatives with the understanding reacted to the appearance of Natalia in their home and happy that Ivan was able to win the heart of a young actress.

      Ivan Krasko gave his young wife a memorable rendezvous on the banks of the Neva

      Супруги Краско планируют детей

      Paint the couple enjoying each other. The young artist’s wife happy with a quiet family life. She told me that Krasko has poor eyesight, but because she has to read scripts for him. Natalia loves spending time with her husband alone, and sometimes even allows himself some mischief.

      “Sometimes I like to make a Scarecrow, put to bed, cover him with a blanket. Ivan brings coffee, trying to Wake me up, opens the blanket and there I was not. It is interesting to observe his behaviour, plasticity, the expression of the face at the same time. Often come up with such tricks in the country, when nowhere to hurry…” – said Natalia.

      Young wife Krasko considers his 85-year-old chosen enough temperamental man, but also compares their marital disputes with the explosion of the volcano. Despite the quarrels, which often happen in early family life, Natalia believes the husband of his Muse. Under the influx of feelings she released a collection of “Eros” in which the beloved is associated with Zeus. The young actress is also aware that the relationship with her went to an elderly artist to benefit. The girl notes that her spouse is significantly younger and cheered. However, he realizes that he is not yet ready for the appearance of children.

      “However, paradoxical as it may sound, but about the kid it is still too early to say. Besides, I have young sons from a previous marriage – Fedya and Vanya. Take out all summer at the cottage to relax,” said Krasko “Express newspaper”.

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