Wife Matthew McConaughey spoke about how to maintain a long relationship with her husband

Жена Мэттью МакКонахи рассказала о том, как поддерживает долгие отношения с мужем

Wife 48-year-old Matthew McConaughey, a 35-year-old Brazilian model Camila Alves, appeared on the cover of the November issue of Ocean Drive. In a magazine interview, the model told about their methods of maintaining long-term relationships with her husband.

“Sometimes it helps one night at the hotel 15 minutes from home. You collect things, have lunch not at home. The next day you speak and sleep. Take a walk, have Breakfast and dine together,” confesses his secrets Kamila.

The couple has been married for five years, and as many knew before. To all the time be beside her husband and support him, the Brazilian model received citizenship in the U.S., also said in an interview. “The ability of the country allowed me to become who I am now. I’m honored to have Brazilian passport and American. Proud.” says Kamila.

In America the model came at an early age, though not knowing a word of English. “I left Brazil when I was 15 years old. When I came to USA, worked as a maid, cleaned the house and did not even speak English. Didn’t know a word, but raised in Brazil, where living examples learned six days a week to cook and clean the house… My dad always told me: “we Should be able to take care of your house,”” says the wife of the famous actor.

Now the pair are happy together and rarely goes out on a romantic date. In the 20 days of October, the couple went to Rio de Janeiro, where Matthew and Camilla arrived to greet his friend with a wedding. The wedding couple invited an American businessman of Israeli origin Gaia Ozeri. The celebration itself was held privately, so paparazzi was able to capture a couple when they went to the after party. The wedding was attended by as demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher, Dakota Johnson, of the band U2 and many others.