Billy Baldwin has accused Donald trump in a sexual harassment complaint against his wife

Билли Болдуин обвинил Дональда Трампа в сексуальных домогательствах по отношению к его жене

Every day there are new stories on the basis of a sex scandal with producer Harvey Weinstein. Many stars have admitted, that he had to deal with harassment and openly to deal with it. Brother Alec Baldwin, Billy remembered the charges against the President of the United States Donald Trump.

Билли Болдуин обвинил Дональда Трампа в сексуальных домогательствах по отношению к его жене

Already more than 16 women have accused trump of the harassment and even the President himself admitted in his weakness for beautiful women. “When I see an attractive girl, I find it very difficult to restrain myself not to kiss her. Women like a magnet pulling me in. And when you’re famous, girl let you do it. You can do with them whatever you like. Even grabbing private parts,” said the tramp.

Baldwin remembered and told the public that his beautiful wife, CINDI Phillips Donald also experienced weakness and did not hesitate to attend. “One day I was at the party Plaza Hotel with his wife and current President, who came there without invitation. He approached my wife and asked her to Atlantic city. In response, she pointed to the door,” says Baldwin.

One of the witnesses who were present then at the party confirmed glory’s younger brother Billy Baldwin about the incident with his wife and trump. He stated that Donald almost by force tried to lead the girl to his private helicopter, and after she refused him, trump threw her a scornful look. “When trump realized that this is not a riotous party with the strippers, he went out with nothing,” says an eyewitness.

One source said the overseas edition of the Daily Beast that the tramp who was then the owner of the hotel is not rarely had parties. The guests were mostly young girls and rich old men. “These girls were 15 and trump went from room to room. There was arranged a real debauchery: cocaine, sex, alcohol, but no cigarettes. The trump they could not endure,” says the insider.

It is worth noting that the unpleasant memories came to Baldwin after twait son trump that of a U.S. Senator al Franken once again accused of harassment. “Two women have accused al Franken in unacceptable behavior,” says Donald trump Jr. Billy Baldwin took it’s appropriate, because as the youngest son of trump might have something to say about harassment, while his own father is accused of the same.