Жена Мэттью Макконахи отказалась рожать детей
Camila Alves builds ambitious plans.

Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves

Photo: Fotodom.ru

Matthew McConaughey can rightfully be considered the father of many children — he already has
7-year-old son Levi, 6-year-old daughter Vida and three baby Livingston, and he wanted
would have expanded the composition of his family. Alas, his wife Camila Alves wedding where he played four years ago, said:
the near future, no more children! And hinted, moreover, that he did not
longs again to become a mother.

You would think that
Kamila just tired or afraid for her figure. But no, Alves has managed
to be as slender as ever. And since she clearly has
the talent of organizer, Camila copes with his kids.

As it turned out, the wife of actor
want to get new suckers because I decided to become serious
business-lady. Some time ago she decided to establish production of children’s
power in a new form: not canned gruel and puree in jars, and
frozen food not containing any preservatives.

“Every time I
a child was born, I thought: I will grow up my child a little longer and I will seriously
this project. But when a kid is growing up, I was pregnant
close… But now I’m firmly decided — I don’t want more children! I intend to do
business!” said Alves.

Camila already
developing recipes of frozen meals for children. Her husband Matthew has
silence about plans wife. But Alves has found the first fan of her
products and great helper. They became the seven year old son Kamila — Levi. As
says the wife of the actor, it not only helps to taste the samples
products, but have myself started to invent new recipes!

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