«Инопланетянин Альф» покинул этот мир
Hollywood mourns actor Michu Meszaros of.

«Инопланетянин Альф» покинул этот мир

Mihály Mészáros

Photo: OutNow


Photo: OutNow

13 June was the performer the role of a cute
hairy alien in the popular Comedy series “Alf”. Actor Mihai (Michu)
Meszaros died in one of hospitals of Los Angeles at the age of 76 years. It is known that not long ago he suffered a stroke and since then never fully recovered his health.

Michu has lived an amazing life. He was born in 1939 year
modest, unremarkable family in Budapest and not
suspected, what an amazing destiny awaits him. One day he was noticed by agents
looking for new talent. Seeing Michu, they could not believe their eyes, because the growth of a young man was only 84 centimeters! Michu worked in the circus and show featuring “the smallest man in the world”, and exactly what was advertised Meszaros, it was hard
to buy tickets, wishing there was always more than could fit room. The agents saw in it the undoubted acting ability.

In the 1970s, he went to Hollywood, and even they managed to make a successful career. Michu starred in seven films and television series, and in some projects, moreover, worked as a stuntman. The greatest fame brought him
the role of alpha in her, he fully able to show his comic talent.
However, the faces of his audience did not see, because he was in a furry costume
fully covering the body and head. However, the public
remember Michu on other projects — the movie “wax Museum” (1988),
“Warlock 2: the Armageddon” (1993) and the TV series “Dear John”(1991).

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