Alexei Chadov first showed son

Алексей Чадов впервые показал сына
The actor posted a photo of two year old Fedor.

Alexei Chadov

Alexei Chadov has always said it would be a good father. And became it. Despite the fact that they Agnia Ditkovskite parted
more than a year ago, all he spends his free time with his son
Fedor. Happy father even takes him to their rare holiday. And of course, Alex shows off his son’s achievements He often posts pictures
Fedor on his page in social network: a boy is riding on a scooter or bike, swims in the sea. But never Alex, no Agniya not
showed his face the boy. Parents believe that too much attention might harm the baby. But Alex could not stand it and still showed the face of Theodore, taking a photo during
walk. We can say that the boy was similar to both parents, and took them all
the best.

We will remind, marriage
Alexei Chadova with Agnia Ditkovskite,
unfortunately, did not last long. However, the actors have kept good relations and doing everything possible to them
the son did not suffer from the fact that mom and dad don’t live together anymore.

Agnes has repeatedly stressed how important it is for a child
to closely interact with both parents, even if they broke up. The result
this approach Fyodor did not suffer from a lack in his life my father or mother. And the boy’s grandmother, the actress Tatiana lutaeva, I’m sure Fyodor grows and develops
harmonious. “And dad and mom for
Fedi has all the conditions to make the boy feel comfortable, says
Lutaeva. — We have a house there and a Playground, and a lot of educational games.
Fyodor all just love. Mom had even space communications. Fyodor looks
on her, kissing, stroking. With me he starts dancing and “raskolbas”. I
I see that Agnes is coming and coming a feeling of motherhood, she has finally
included in this course. She wants as much as possible to be with child, she
gets pleasure from it. A nanny gives you the weekend.”

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