Wife Malakhov returned to form after giving birth in record time

Жена Малахова вернула форму после родов в рекордные сроки
Natalia shkuleva were impressed with their elegance at a corporate party.

Photo: Instagram

Andrey Malakhov and his wife Natalia shkuleva first became parents less than a month ago. Their son Alexander was born 16 November — the news has become one of the most talked about this fall (after, perhaps, divorce Armen Dzhigarkhanyan and an illegitimate son Spartaka Mishulina).

Recently Natalia shkuleva has impressed colleagues with his slender figure, appearing at corporate events, your publishing house in a chic light dress. Few can boast 4 weeks after birth the complete lack of extra pounds!

By the way, this was not the first Natalia exit into the light after the birth of Sasha. The next day after leaving the hospital shkuleva, along with her husband went to a birthday party for their mutual friend, the journalist. 37-year-old businesswoman has proven by example that motherhood colors. For that night shkuleva chose a black fitted mid-length dress. She even wore heels, which I could not afford in the last months of pregnancy. Perfect makeup and hairstyle completed the image of a young mother.

While the parents had fun, the baby remained under the care of a grandmother, mother of Andrew, and professional nanny. For the latest in his room, as told Malakhov, put the bed. Shkuleva is not going to linger long in the decree, so she will need an experienced assistant.