Dana Borisova lost my voice because of nerves

Дана Борисова потеряла голос на нервной почве The presenter told us about the health problems. According to Dana Borisova she has a cold when he was in rehab in Thailand. The star also added that he’s nervous in court waiting for a verdict on the claim of child support.

Yesterday in mass media there was information that Dana Borisova allegedly tried to kill herself, taking a large number of potent drugs. She was later refuted by the presenter and her friend, head of the National anti-drug Union Nikita by Lushnikova. According to Borisova, she was diagnosed with acute laringofaringit. The blonde complained to doctors of severe cough that worsened on Monday evening.

Journalists contacted Dana with a request to tell about his health. TV star said that they were quite surprised by the data reported in the Network. According to the leading, they could be due to the dishonesty of emergency physicians. Borisov also said that suffering from a psychosomatic tonsillitis, which becomes aggravated during times of stress.

“Yesterday I was in court, where the fate of my daughter Paulina, was very nervous there. And the next day I had to go to be in the program Andrei Malakhov. But the voice of nerves is lost, tormented by terrible coughing. I have even torn the diaphragm in a serious condition! So I drank everything that was home from tonsillitis,” shared the star.

Dana added that getting a cold while staying in Thailand. According to a leading, this could happen due to climate change and psychological stress.

Earlier, the head of the National anti-drug Union Nikita Lushnikov said “StarHit”, Borisov complained of an acute condition. At first the doctors could not put an accurate diagnosis leading. “Came the doctors, neither of which suicide is the question. The doctors were long with Dana, put a dropper. She treats everything with great skepticism, saying, “All bad, dizzy, not the pills prescribed for cough, nothing helps” – shared Lushnikov.

Later Nikita wrote on Instagram that Dan is “very much alive”. According to Lushnikov, Borisova a large number of detractors who deliberately spread incorrect information about it. “The society was divided into two camps: some genuinely rejoice in the success of This, others are just waiting for her to stumble! This is the human world – it will not change, but it can be done nicer, I am convinced,” said the man.

We add that the other day Dana Borisova told about the verdict of the magistrate at the suit of her former common law husband Maxim Aksenov about the payment of alimony. According to the presenter, it was decided in her favor. In a recent interview Dni.ru Dana said that she has no reasons to negative thoughts.