Жена Малахова попросила у него прощения за поцелуй с другим мужчиной

The wife of Andrey Malakhov Natalia shkuleva gave vent to his feelings, and was tempted by another man. The “homewrecker” stinging handsome dark-haired, subdued not one lady’s heart, Antonio Banderas. Actor (divorced, remember), and more recently, the designer, arrived in the Russian capital for a few days and immediately captured Russian women.

However, 56-year-old celebrity is not at all tiring, on the contrary, pleases and flatters.

On his page in Instagram shkuleva published a picture with Bederoom. On the photo Natalia kisses foreign heartthrob, and comments to publish I’m sorry sin I have of my own husband.

I will assume that she still will react to the act of the wife. If he were in her place, surely, is also something interesting would do…