Наталья Андрейченко рассказала, почему подала в суд на сына

A year ago in the Russian media began to circulate the news that the most famous performer of the role of Mary Poppins Natalia Andreichenko has filed a lawsuit against his own son.

To such extreme measures Natalya was forced to go because her son, her own flesh and blood, stole frost $ 1 million in the development of their restaurant business. It is important to note that this money is not kept Andreichenko under the mattress. $ 1 million was on account of the actress in a Swiss Bank. Dmitry for his cause dared to take a desperate step: man forged mother’s signature and her money was in his pocket.

On the program “Alone with all” Julia the Younger, Andreichenko has placed all points over I and told us why she decided to get the son of response through the court.

“The mother is the mother to the end. I believe that if the first crime, that person does with his life, unpunished, this man remains a criminal forever. This moment needed to be stopped. I was afraid that he would go to the more unpleasant, more serious. It was necessary to stop this situation. I had to explain that this is wrong,” — explained his action Andreichenko.

However, the expected effect of Dmitri’s lawsuit mom is not produced. The money never was returned, but all conversations on this subject, the man refuses.

It is important to note that to put the son in jail for a crime Natalia wasn’t going: “I must immediately make small corrections, because in Switzerland for this one to sit in jail cannot. I knew what I was doing. I, naturally, consulted with experts. And then, we had the opportunity to negotiate.”