“The girl” Amy Schumer poisoned in Paris

«Девушка без комплексов» Эми Шумер отравилась в Париже

“The girl” Amy Schumer dreamed of that her trip to Paris was shrouded in romance and remember only positive and pleasant emotions. In fact, the opposite happened, the star of comedies poisoned food of French cuisine, which was even hospitalized. However being in a hospital bed, Amy never lost their optimism. The actress has published a collage of photos where we see her exhausted, but still smiling.

“Thank you for everything Paris! In addition to food poisoning”, she wrote in his microblog on Instagram September 12, 2016.

By the way, I will assume that a trip to France Amy Schumer is trying on Europe. After a short time it could be a citizen of one of its States. The promise to migrate from the “States” Amy gave when commenting on the presidential race between Donald trump and Hilary Clinton.

Schumer said that in case of victory of the first, she will move to live in Spain: “I have to learn Spanish because I’m moving to Spain or anywhere. Victory trump is beyond my understanding. It’s too insane”.

“Never heard anything sensible from opponents of Hillary. They don’t like the way she talks or dresses — all but whatever she was President,” says Amy.