Звезда КВН за год уменьшилась почти вдвое

Glory to the leader of the team of KVN “Pyatigorsk” Olga Bartunkova came a few years ago. The team Olga got the role of the tyrannical captain who despises his colleagues. Completeness Bartunkova in this case looked very organic and appropriate. But once Olga just tired of being a woman with a curvaceous and she decided on a radical change. No actress lay on the operating table to “suck” the excess fat. Olga turned to the method of weight loss, which is already widely spread throughout the world – separate meals.

Thanks to the application of this principle for the year Bartunkova managed to get rid of 61 pounds: “Instead of 151 pounds now I weigh only 90! – said the actress. – I admit, it wasn’t easy, but I have been fighting with the figure. This time completely abandoned the sweet, excluded from the diet bread, switched to a separate power supply. Eating small portions five to six times a day, mostly fruits, vegetables, chicken breast. The result for the year – minus 61 pounds. It became easier to walk, left out of breath, stopped hurting joints.

Agree, an incredible success!

Now, based on my personal experience, Olga has decided to help others in weight loss, health and beautiful appearance.

By the way, Olga has even written a book about her path to harmony, which will be presented to the public next spring.