Жена Кержакова: «Саша очень хочет ребенка» Milan and Alexander said “StarHit” as changed their lives a year after the wedding. The confessions of the wife of the famous footballer, she became more serious, punctual and understand what it’s like to raise a small child.

      Жена Кержакова: «Саша очень хочет ребенка»

      A year ago, the Union of footballer Alexander Kerzhakov and Milana Tulip, the daughter of St. Petersburg’s Senator did not discuss only the lazy. They were married June 27, luxury along, the bride chose a modest dress and a high-profile celebration – a family boat ride. The last six months the couple lived in Zurich, and recently returned to St. Petersburg. Milan became a support for her husband in everything, including in the education of two children from the first marriage – three years of Igor and the ten-year Dashi.

      And in sorrow and in joy

      Sasha, you never told me how he proposed to Milan.
      Жена Кержакова: «Саша очень хочет ребенка»There was nothing like in the movies. Just one day we both realized that we want to legitimize the relationship. As expected, at first I met with the parents of Milana. It happened new year’s eve. Of course, I was nervous. And the proposal was made on Valentine’s Day: during dinner in the restaurant, asked for the hand of his beloved from her father.
      Жена Кержакова: «Саша очень хочет ребенка»This was not something unexpected. This may sound strange, but the first four months after meeting, we just talked. When I found out about his feelings due to conflicts with former girlfriend, realized how much dirt was poured on him, and could not remain indifferent, is supported. For hours we talked, discussed as a global theme, and all sorts of stuff. Usually noticeable, shows whether a man has sympathy, but he behaved totally differently – I didn’t understand if he liked what he felt and wanted certainty. So one day Sasha asked me to go on vacation together. I responded: “the Offer is tempting. But in what capacity I will fly there?”—
      And parents how to react to the upcoming trip?
      Жена Кержакова: «Саша очень хочет ребенка»Of course, we had to put my parents in. However, trying to do it, I was faced with a huge problem. If mom was pleased with Sasha communion, the Pope treated the events negatively, we can say, was ready to barricade the doors, but would not release me. But through many attempts to persuade him I was able to win the trip. We had a great vacation in the Seychelles. Back to back already a couple, and he offered to move in with him. There really had to put the question bluntly: “First we need to discuss this with my parents”. Many said that our wedding was hasty, but, in my opinion, institutionalized relationships organize and sober is much better than a civil marriage.—
      And do not want lavish celebrations?
      Жена Кержакова: «Саша очень хочет ребенка»Sasha was not celebrating, and I knew it. Of course, he said, “Want to have a celebration for the whole world? To with a white dress and a veil…”, but I refused. Not that it was time to choose the bed set, to consider Seating guests and design invitations. It would be a feast during the plague.
      Жена Кержакова: «Саша очень хочет ребенка»
      What changed after marriage?
      Жена Кержакова: «Саша очень хочет ребенка»Globally, nothing. The only thing I pulled away from my previous relationships, simply because family life and frequent get-togethers – I don’t very compatible. I now spend most of their time on family. I also became more disciplined. Although otherwise, if the husband – athlete. It was brought up years: eat right, getting up on time. If, God forbid, late for something, then scolds himself was worth.—
      Was nervous before getting to know the children of Alexander?
      Жена Кержакова: «Саша очень хочет ребенка»Partly. Maybe because I didn’t take it so seriously as I should have. Just Igoryok at the time of our Sasha Dating was just a year old. Yes and I have the experience of raising a younger brother growing up before my eyes. About Dasha worried a little more. But we quickly found a common language, because we have a difference in age of only 12 years. I am grateful that they accepted me into their family.
      Жена Кержакова: «Саша очень хочет ребенка»Personally, I have no doubt that Milan will get along with my kids. It is so inviting to a man that is able nitobi language with anyone. Especially with the kids.
      Milan, as you do when you are planning to become a mother?
      Жена Кержакова: «Саша очень хочет ребенка»Sasha really wants a baby. Of course, I’m also not against it. But it’s a big responsibility. Moreover, while Igor is small, it educated me. But if I do something, I try to send to it’s maximum strength.

      Love and peace

      Жена Кержакова: «Саша очень хочет ребенка»
      The feeling that you are living together for ten years, such a wise married couple. You’ve only been married a year, where romance, surprises?
      Жена Кержакова: «Саша очень хочет ребенка»Of course, they also have! For example, I recently decided suddenly to meet Milan when she flew to Zurich from St. Petersburg. Told her that in training, and he bought a bouquet of flowers and arrived at the airport. But in lost, mixed numbers, exits. I had to call and ask my wife to wait for me.
      Жена Кержакова: «Саша очень хочет ребенка»Yes, slightly spoil the surprise, but it was still very nice. We have, incidentally, occasionally there are failures of romantic surprises. For example, I have in November birthday Sasha wanted to do something memorable, and emotional. In the end, he ordered the salute to the song Mota “everything”. He was returning from a business trip, I met him and on way home was asked to turn to the place of “X”. Suddenly my husband asks, “what are You doing? I hope not salute?” I was confused, because for so long have been preparing for this moment, wanted to cancel. Sasha, of course, sat me down, brought where needed. After all volleys hug him, all happy and say: “Liked the song? Heard what words?” Specifically chose, wanted to convey to him the lines: “I found everything. All that I need and a little more.” But my joy was instantly shattered when the husband surprised voice said: “What words? At the fireworks-watching”.—
      Swear often?
      Жена Кержакова: «Саша очень хочет ребенка»It is difficult to call the days of large quarrels. Some long-term or serious conflicts do not even remember.
      Жена Кержакова: «Саша очень хочет ребенка»Sasha is very forgiving in this respect I was very lucky. He can get angry, go into another room and five minutes later return as if nothing had happened. I like any meticulous woman, I suggest: “Could you analyze the situation?” And if he doesn’t remember what was discussed.—
      Whom do your family have the last word?
      Жена Кержакова: «Саша очень хочет ребенка»Of course, for husband. We have it in charge. Although I will not hide that in the beginning of our relationship I tried to show your character, to argue about and no. But then I realized that the atmosphere in the house depends on the ability to find a compromise, something to submit to the man she loved. So now I try not to interfere.—
      A ten-year difference in age is somehow affected?
      Жена Кержакова: «Саша очень хочет ребенка»In our family it so happened that I’m more passive man, and Sasha is active. For example, can come from training with the words: “shall we go for a walk. And here I can not get out of bed in the morning and be tired. He never is. Naturally, its energy is transferred to me.—
      By the way, who manages the family budget?
      Жена Кержакова: «Саша очень хочет ребенка»In this house I do. My relationship with finances line up better.
      Жена Кержакова: «Саша очень хочет ребенка»
      So you’re not a Shopaholic?
      Жена Кержакова: «Саша очень хочет ребенка»To any of things, especially branded, calmly. I believe that the boutiques unnecessarily inflate prices. I prefer to go to Zara and buy everything you need at affordable prices. Besides, objectively, the ratio of “price – quality”, which is just awesome.

      Zurich – Saint Petersburg

      Milan, you before I met Sasha was fond of football?
      Жена Кержакова: «Саша очень хочет ребенка»No. Of course I knew Arshavin, Malafeev and Sasha… But not because of their football achievements. Now, of course, much more I delved into the topic.—
      Last year Sasha was leased to the Swiss club and you moved to Zurich… How do you like the city?
      Жена Кержакова: «Саша очень хочет ребенка»In Zurich it was good. This is an incredibly beautiful city. We often walked around the center, where you can experience the local flavor iloprost to enjoy a meal in cafes. My rental period is over. We returned to Peter. Of course, I again want to play for Zenit, but it all depends on leadership.—
      It was difficult to live on two cities?
      Жена Кержакова: «Саша очень хочет ребенка»To live there. To manage the Affairs it’s not easy. This applies, for example, our Foundation “Stars for children”. My wife and I try to do everything so that nobody felt our absence. It’s important to me, I understood the responsibility, even when we started to do it. I heard about the existence of many foundations that help sick children. But among them a few who support orphans or kids from dysfunctional families. But the children, first, not guilty, and they are not immune from the mistakes of their parents. Secondly, they are least able to protect themselves. Therefore, we help families who have many kids or who are in a difficult situation.—
      Milan, and how did it happen that you became the leading program “Time to help”?
      Жена Кержакова: «Саша очень хочет ребенка»I wasn’t planning to work on TV, although the education – graduated from St. Petersburg state University journalism. It all started with the fact that I just coordinated the work of a producer, helped with filming. But the record of the first broadcasts we have seen that it is difficult to show the problem from the inside, the presenter, journalist it’s just part of the daily work. Then we producers came to the conclusion that I can supervise the project, because I personally know a large part of the families and children. How will my career next? I do not know. Of course, I would like to develop. But, as shown with our Sasha story, life is complex and unpredictable, so we’ll see.

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