Мария Шумакова показала запретное фото в купальнике The star of the series “Sweet life” surprised fans of the erotic selfie. Mariya Shumakova is currently in Karelia on the set, and in the work-free moments enjoying a day at the lake.

      Мария Шумакова показала запретное фото в купальнике

      Maria Shumakova remembered by the viewers for her role in the series “Sweet life”, began work on a new project. The shooting took place in Karelia in the town of Lahdenpohja, on the background of mountain peaks and lakes. Maria does not disclose details about the film on Twitter, but tells about his impressions from the trip.

      Since the region is Sunny and hot weather, Shumakova decided to sunbathe by the lake. The actress chose an outdoor swimsuit in black-and-white dots. The star showed a photo in a sexy pose subscribers “Instagram”. “Here is a sleepy morning. The forbidden selfie in a swimsuit”, signed Frank frame Shumakova. In the picture in the best displays Breasts stars “Sweet life”.

      Fans are unable to remain indifferent to such photos of your favorite actress. “You’re a very attractive girl”, “you Have zest, you’re very interesting!”, “Petite, beautiful, unusual, very feminine”, – praised photo subscribers Shumakova.

      Мария Шумакова показала запретное фото в купальнике

      However, some observers were quick to speak impartially about the star’s shape. Maria found that to respond to such comments.

      “It seems to me pretty silly girls who are more model parameters to expose in excess weight. That’s because the views of society, not able to think freely, not within a given program of size S, many girls begin to torment yourself with diets and end up anorexic. In General, my “foo-foo” for die thinking,” wrote the star.

      By the way, for the role in the first season of “the Sweet life” Shumakovo had to do much to get better. The actress gained 14-15 pounds to play diffident 35-year-old housewife Natasha. Through sport and yoga, Maria quickly regained slender figure.

      “Every day I was doing Bikram yoga is doing asanas in the forty-degree heat. I highly recommend to all: the sweat from the body toxins and accelerates the metabolism. In addition, I drink at least two liters of water a day from the beginning of may and moving to Moscow just for the bike. Sometimes a day rolls up to forty miles: travel on business and just ride for pleasure. I live not far from Gorky Park and in the evenings, when the bike lanes are free, I love there to drive. It’s the perfect way to stay in shape: I can eat everything, but because of the constant physical activity calories burned”, – said Shumakov.

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