Эмин Агаларов намекнул на новую любовь The singer always tries to communicate openly with the press. Emin spoke about never being afraid of negative comments from the public, and also said that his heart is not free.

      Эмин Агаларов намекнул на новую любовь

      The singer and Vice-President of the group of companies Crocus Group Emin Agalarov is one of the most eligible bachelors. After a man had divorced his wife Leyla Aliyeva, he has to be credited with new novels. Agalarov does not hide from the journalists the details of his personal life, but does not tell about the secret.

      Emin Agalarov and Leyla Aliyeva officially divorced

      “Now my heart is busy – confessed Emin, answering a question of journalists about their status.

      However, Agalarov not told who his new fiancee. Recently the singer was vacationing in Dubai in the company of model Alena Gavrilova. Emin even showed followers your Instagram one joint photo with the girl, which was signed: “Catch the moment”. Frame provoked a strong reaction from fans of the singer: some were happy for the idol, others were disappointed that the heart Agalarov busy.

      “I guess some of my fans can’t accept the fact that I like other woman. I give any negative right to life and trying to hide nothing – there is some honesty: why pretend to be someone I am not? I with my divorce a year ago, was opened to clear”, – said Agalarov.

      Эмин Агаларов намекнул на новую любовь

      Recall that the 36-year-old businessman Emin Agalarov and the daughter of the President of Azerbaijan Leyla Aliyeva was married in 2006. The couple had two sons, Ali and Mikail. Emin and Leyla were married for about nine years, but then I realized that can no longer be with each other. Emin Agalarov spends time with ex-wife

      In an interview Agalarov explained that the separation with ex-wife passed peacefully. “None of us betrayed the other, do not hurt, we did not do anything wrong to each other. And now our relationship is even better than I was married, very good,” said Agalarov.

      The singer communicates with his wife and travels frequently to visit her or takes sons to himself for the weekend. As told by Emin in an interview with Hello!, recently his son Mikail had with him about a week: the boy went with Agalarov to work and even went for the prize RU.TV where got acquainted with Sergey Lazarev. The photo with the participant of “Eurovision” the son of the singer sent his brother Ali, who was with the mother. In early 2016, Leyla Aliyeva opened a third child: she has adopted a baby girl Amina. Emin willingly helps the ex-spouse to raise the baby and spends a lot of time with her.

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