Беременная Айза Долматова объедается в ресторанах The designer worries that eats a lot. ISA Dolmatova is on the sixth month of pregnancy, so it’s harder to control your appetite and behavior. She complains to fans for the problems faced by the end of the second trimester of waiting for a baby.

      Беременная Айза Долматова объедается в ресторанах

      During pregnancy designer ISA Dolmatova harder to keep your appetite. A woman used to watch the diet and eat healthy, but in the interesting position of the star is very difficult to resist different temptations.

      Dolmatova complained to his fans on his condition. ISA is now in her sixth month of pregnancy, so a woman’s mind changes frequently.

      “I spent all day not eating just to eat in one delicious restaurant in Bali, and now stuffed in it so I think that will go crazy. The joy of delicious food is gone! There was a terrible feeling! The belly has grown even more! And fear that I will be bold, intensified to madness, it’s hard to control myself pregnant! Although I may not have long for delicious food, but if delicious food is what can’t stop me!” – wrote ISA in the microblog.

      Pregnant subscribers will “Instagram” designer supported Dolmatovo, as they are confronted with similar problems. “Eat. You then do not give yourself the slack you have to eat everything and will regret that the pregnant woman not to eat”, “You’d lose then, and now, go crazy!”, “Eat all that I want you and the baby. The main thing – the health and the figure can be put in order, – the desire,” wrote the woman, comforting Dolmatovo.

      By the way, overeating is not the only problem ISA. The woman is now very afraid to fly on airplanes. Not so long ago the star had made a flight from Bali to Kuala Lumpur to renew my visa. During the flight, a pregnant woman was nervous, so the steward sang to her calm melodic song and played the guitar.

      At the moment Dolmatova chooses things for the future baby. She already knows that she will have a second son, so had to buy him a crib and a special wetsuit to from birth to teach your baby to swim. The woman not just compared your two pregnancies. “Then I belly did not show, thought it was so ugly, and now I can’t stop looking at him. Constantly communicate with the baby, caress him and wait for his attacks. Conscious motherhood is quite another,” wrote ISA.

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