Ольга Бузова обнародовала эротическое видео с мужем The presenter is not shy to share with the subscribers of his microblog intimate details of his personal life. On the eve of Olga Buzova showed a video with her husband, which takes place in bed. Husband and wife passionately embrace each other.

      Television star Olga Buzova not hesitate to share in social networks with details of his personal life. Last week, leading even offered to subscribers to discuss in her microblog issues and topics that concern them. Followers Buzova reacted positively to the news. And before Olga showed how she builds relations with her husband.

      The TV star posted an erotic video in which she shows how she has fun with her husband Dmitry Tarasov. This video His dedicated to the anniversary of their married life, they said on Sunday. In the short clip leading passionately hugging a football player and takes off his clothes. Olga has signed a video poem that speaks of love and passion.

      Love… when we watch an old movie.
      Together, weep together and laugh.
      When all night about to speak,
      And flinch if touch.
      Chills from the warmth of your hands,
      From tenderness and happiness,
      When you rubbed me the whiskey
      Appreciation for this complicity.

      Video posted by Olga Buzova (@buzova86) Jun 26 2016 12:55 PDT

      Fans Buzova have joined her in a touching congratulation. “How they love one another”, “What are you beautiful, young and happy! Love you good for years to come”, “Olga, you are such a beautiful couple! We are waiting for replenishment!”, – wrote a followers presenter “House-2”.

      Some time ago, the family was vacationing abroad in UAE. On vacation Buzova Tarasov wore clothes in the same style and enjoyed dinners in the local restaurants. For such extravagance fans of Olga even accused her of excessive love for luxurious life.

      We will remind that Olga Buzova and Dmitry Tarasov were married four years ago. All this time the couple remains faithful to each other and tries to spend all free time together. According to Buzova, it has its secrets, how not to get your spouse to leave. How to keep a husband: rules of Olga Buzova and Vasilisa Volodya

      “It is important to give a man the feeling that he is the main man in your life. I always build our relationship so that Dima understand how he would decide, so be it. It is necessary to concede each other. When we started to live together, sometimes could not come to a common denominator, arguing. My mother taught me: “You may think differently, but why to quarrel? Why not take the point of view of each other, while not agreeing,” said star “StarHit”.

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