Маша Малиновская распродает свои вещи TV presenter ready to say goodbye to your favorite dresses. Masha Malinovskaya is not the first time exposes on the sale of the property. She previously stated that doing this to provide for her son, which raises one.

      Маша Малиновская распродает свои вещи

      Apparently, in the life of Masha Malinovskaya has again fallen on hard times. It seems that the presenter does not have enough funds for existence. Star single-handedly raising his son Miron. According to her, ex-husband does not pay child support. Plus Mary almost ceased to appear on the screen and on the pages of glossy magazines, its former popularity has somewhat waned.

      Malinovskaya decided. She has published on his page in Instagram selfie in a summer dress-tunic and addressed a question to the subscribers if they would buy her outfits.

      “I had the idea, friends. In my wardrobe a lot of beautiful things I haven’t worn at all or have appeared only once. How about the sale? You be interested?” – Masha wrote in his microblog.
      Маша Малиновская распродает свои вещи

      It is worth noting that subscribers will star immediately perked up. “You have a gorgeous gown, at what price to sell? What size are you? It is not by chance cavalli?”, “Well, I need a dress. Gave birth to her second child, and so to the restaurant and got out. But I’m afraid the prices on your stuff, a simple man will not pull and will buy the hands of women retailers known. But maybe something will be available?”, “A long time dream to buy what Mary chose for yourself!” – they wrote.

      Recall, this is not the first case when the Director is selling his property. A year and a half ago, she said goodbye to expensive jewelry. “Don’t wear shy! The crisis has not spared me, so sell,” wrote then presenter in his microblog. The cost of the product was not specified, but fans of the star have suggested that it may reach $ 10,000. I must say that not all subscribers then reacted with understanding to the Mashiny decision, some condemned it. Then the presenter has admitted that she has a hard time because she’s a single mother.

      Masha Malinovskaya received threats from her ex-husband

      “I in this life no one helps – written by Malinowska. What do I make of the fact that a secular society would think of me, they have their own stories, and I’m still the same girl who is fighting for her life. Every man for himself. And I for myself and my baby!” It is noteworthy that the next day leading deleted your post in Instagram.

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