Жена Аршавина довела модель, отдыхавшую с ним, до нервного срыва Recently in the Internet appeared the video, which famous football player hugging a girl in the company of friends. Companion Arshavin was Olga Semenova. The girl claims that the wife of the athlete threatened her and slandered. Besides she is afraid of revenge of Alice.
Жена Аршавина довела модель, отдыхавшую с ним, до нервного срыва

For several days the wife of footballer Andrei Arshavin Alice remains at the centre of public attention. After the woman was removed from the flight with children, the Kazakh model Olga Semenova said that she was being blackmailed and threatened with death. According to Alice, the girl just wants to attract attention to the unfolding scandal. However, Olga has a different version of reported events.

Wife of Andrei Arshavin has rejected accusations of his alleged mistress

The model gave an interview in which he told of his conflict with Arshavina. According to the girl, she applies for the spouse of the athlete. According to Olga, the incident adversely affected her health.

“Yesterday I had hysterics. People don’t believe my words. I have all sorts of dark thoughts go. (…) Because of this situation, I have health problems began. I can talk normally, and in five minutes they start to cry. In the future I will need counseling. I even began to stutter in the nervous system. Third day of not sleeping, the brain is not working. I have thousands of thoughts in my head, I can’t close my eyes to sleep,” shared the girl.
Жена Аршавина довела модель, отдыхавшую с ним, до нервного срыва

According to Olga, she has not sought money from Alice’s video of a famous football player. Model accused Arshavin of slander and insult of honor and dignity. “Let them continue to write. Maybe draw a couple more articles,” she said.

Arshavin told the model he wanted to hug her. The girl asked others to capture dinner in the company of players on camera. “Just like that. Without malice,” said Olga, noting that Andrew did not resist the shot. About why the video appeared online, the girl doesn’t know. “It was stored in the cloud, with the phone I put it away,” says Semenov.

Жена Аршавина довела модель, отдыхавшую с ним, до нервного срыва

After the video appeared in the Network, Alice Arshavin started writing to Olga. To calm the woman, the model addressed to the player, but he answered in monosyllables and didn’t remember how I left her a phone number. In turn, Alice allegedly wrote the girl a message, which accused her of trying to find a “sponsor and a wealthy lover.” According to Olga, such statements are not true, because it is from the age of 14 she earns a living and deals with “many famous people of Kazakhstan.” Recently, however, with Semenova trying to contact strange men offering her thousands of dollars per night.

“I understand that this is a provocation. I want to compromise. But these things are not about me. I am a successful fashion model. I have my own business. I have a car business class, own apartment, I often travel abroad. What can I say? I don’t need the money,” said the girl.

During the conversation with reporters, she admitted that her precarious adequacy of Alice Arshavina. The girl is afraid of retaliation by the spouse of the football player. Particularly strong Semenova worried about your appearance, because she works as a model, writes “Moskovsky Komsomolets”.