70-year-old Renat Ibragimov will become a father for the ninth time

70-летний Ренат Ибрагимов станет отцом в девятый раз The famous singer is preparing for the replenishment of the family. Spouse Renat Ibragimov, Svetlana is planning to give him another child. The choice of the artist appeared on one of the social events with a rounded belly.
70-летний Ренат Ибрагимов станет отцом в девятый раз

Recently in one of the capital’s restaurants held a “Christmas party”, which was part of the music festival Golden Jazz. The event was attended by many celebrities, including people’s artist of the RSFSR Renat Ibragimov.

Popular singer appeared in public together with his wife Svetlana Minnekhanova. Fiancee Ibragimov came out dressed in a boxy cut. Surrounding saw the rounded belly of the woman and asked if she be a mother again. All night Svetlana and Renat Ibragimov took congratulations on the pending addition to the family. The couple looked very happy.

Colleagues of Renata Ibragimova call him the father of many children-hero. In February 2017 actor became a father for the eighth time. The beloved star Svetlana, who was his Junior by almost 40 years, gave him a charming girl Maryam. Ibrahimov said that he and his wife were expecting a son and would call him Ahmet. However, the couple decided not to learn the sex of the baby before its birth, believing that this procedure can harm the baby.

70-летний Ренат Ибрагимов станет отцом в девятый раз

Interestingly, the birth of Svetlana were not in the clinic, and in the bath. Pair of responsible attitude to this event and prepare for the birth of a child in special courses. Happy dad cut the umbilical cord.

“I was present at the birth of the youngest son in the maternity ward I was even handed a pair of scissors, but I was psychologically not ready. And now another thing, – said the artist. Light knelt down, leaned over the side, I started to give her a back massage, and ten minutes later came Mariasha. Naturally emerged right into the water. Took his daughter in his arms, gave Svetlana, she put the baby to the breast. But once the umbilical cord can not be cut. In hospitals do wrong. The umbilical cord should tulsiwadi, because there continues to be food to the child.”

Svetlana Minnikhanov became the third wife Renata Ibragimova. The couple have three daughters – Asylbek, Aisha and Maryam. Wedding lovers, arranged according to the Tatar tradition, was held in October 2009 in a circle of family and friends. Friends of the actor said that he is happy in a relationship with Svetlana. Ibrahimov met Minnikhanov in the restaurant: she worked there as a waitress. The singer immediately fell in love with her. At that time the star was married to Albina, but as a decent person decided to tell you about a new hobby to the wife.

From previous marriages have Ibragimova has five heirs – Hope, Faith, the Sultan, Aya and Attila. “Children are a gift from God,” said the artist.