Ирина Круг намекнула на скорый развод с мужем The star told about the difficulties in relations with spouse. According to Irina, they are experiencing not the best period. The artist predicts that they will break up. The couple have a son Andrew.
Ирина Круг намекнула на скорый развод с мужем

The famous artist Mikhail Krug was not 15 years ago. The man received two serious gunshot wounds when his house in the village Mammy burst into the unknown. Doctors were unable to save the artist. July 1, 2002, he died.

Wife stars of chanson Irina was very upset by the death of a spouse. That is why for many years she did not dare to re-marry. Moreover, many believed that she was trying to build a career due to the name of the late Michael. The woman took his pseudonym – Round.

“I went through a very difficult path. I left the pseudonym of Misha because I liked him very much. But it only seems that having a famous name, easy to succeed in music. On the contrary, I was doubly difficult. Because all I was eating, said, “why did she do it?” Lived in a rented apartment in Moscow, was in financial difficulty, I was useless. It was very difficult, but I tried to go forward”, – shared Irina.

In 2006-m to year Irina was able to find a new chosen one. She married businessman Sergei Belousov. The couple had a son Andrew. However, in a recent interview, Irina claims that they are not going smoothly in the relationship.

Irina Krug hard going through a crisis in marriage

“Now very difficult period in my family. Most likely my husband will go,” says Krug.

According to Irina, he and Sergey repeatedly clashed, as they have very different characters. “We are different. Although it is a very well read man, he reads a lot. I don’t know why we have so many years together. He made a lot of mistakes, I forgave him almost all of his… Maybe he’s young. Maybe we are all overcome,” said the actress in one of TV programs.

Irina knows that she will always support her children. Daughter is already working, medium Sasha goes to school, and the younger Andrew in kindergarten. Says the star, they are all very talented

“Sasha, we really wants to do. Misha left a lot of musical material, I’d like to have his son executed. But while he likes rap,” he shared it with “Source”.