Почему Мэрилин Керро вернулась в «Битву экстрасенсов» The biggest surprise for the viewers of season 17 of the popular program was the return on the project witches review <url>. “StarHit” decided to find out what led the former party to battle.

      Почему Мэрилин Керро вернулась в «Битву экстрасенсов»

      The main surprise for the participants of the popular program was the appearance on it of the Estonian witch Marilyn Kerro. Presenter Marat Basharov was intrigued by her appearance, inviting them to guess who is hiding behind closed doors. The answers were very different — someone clearly saw a crimson-cherry color of the dress a mysterious person, others thought that behind the screen the hidden crocodile, others felt other psychics Alexander Sheps and Victoria Raydos.

      “With the personal life it all, as they say, difficult. This man is very explosive, emotional explosion, impulsive” — the so-called Kerro, when she was standing outside the door, Swami Dashi.

      At the same time, Darius Voskoboeva found that the mysterious stranger was female. “She is very beautiful, is bright, she is nice to you,” said the psychic.

      In the conclusion of the transmission the master has finished the test phrase: “I’m sure it will be a shock for everyone.” Then before psychics are brought Marilyn Kerro, dressed in a dark crimson dress with a crocodile belt. Basharov announced that it will become the thirteenth member of the project. “Well, until retirement can go to battle. I absolutely do not understand this”, — commented Nadezhda Shevchenko. Other participants said it would be interesting, and they welcome its appearance. Kerro said that her partner Alexander Sheps does not know about her arrival on the project. According to Marilyn, she had a complicated relationship with her lover.

      New “Battle of the psychics: the millionaire, the risen prophet and adviser to Yeltsin

      Почему Мэрилин Керро вернулась в «Битву экстрасенсов»

      Viewers of the different perceived thirteenth participant of the battle. They were divided into two opposing camps — those who are delighted at the return of kerro, and those who, on the contrary, criticized her action, taking her desire to win over the obsession. “I was just in shock! Why come for a third time? Two times and so tried it, give freedom to others”, “This is too much”, “What kind of nonsense? It has nothing to do?” “This time she even the second place will not take, unless, of course, silnejsie not leave the project”, — wrote the majority of fans of “the battle of psychics.” With them joined the debate fans Kerro. “To say that I’m shocked is to say nothing. But I am so glad to be back, Mary!”, “The goddess returned to the battle, “Mary, you’re very cool”, “that’s Right, that came”, — expressed his opinion the fans of the red-haired witch.

      Whatever it was, Kerro is one of the strongest witches of the previous battles and can be a good competition to other psychics. That it again competes for the right to be first, is definitely part of the show, which watching the Battle of psychics”, but it’s not just that. Perhaps Marilyn came to the project, to understand themselves and their relationships with Alexander Sheps, who she admitted not even aware of her return to the program. And, of course, Kerro dreams of becoming the winner of the project — all of her actions say that she sincerely hopes to receive the coveted prize in the form of crystal arms.

      Почему Мэрилин Керро вернулась в «Битву экстрасенсов»

      Recall that charming Estonian witch Marilyn Kerro took part in the 14th and 16th seasons of the popular show.

      In the 14th season of kerro was one of the favorites of the program. She managed to reach the final, but to take first place did not work — won beloved Marilyn Alexander Sheps. He offered lady to share his achievement, but the girl refused, having decided, apparently, to take revenge in next seasons draft.

      Почему Мэрилин Керро вернулась в «Битву экстрасенсов»

      When Marilyn came back in season 16. “the battle of psychics”, many participants of the program disliked her act. Even the choice of kerro Alexander Sheps, the winner of season 14 of the transmission, did not know what to say when he learned about her decision.

      “It was very unexpected. Suddenly before going to sleep, Marilyn tells me, “You know, I’m probably going to go to battle.” I said, “what battle?”. She said that will go to 16 a season to audition. I wondered: “What kind of casting are you crazy, are you delusional?” – shared with TNT her beloved Alexander Sheps.
      Почему Мэрилин Керро вернулась в «Битву экстрасенсов»

      According to Kerro, she was going to win. Apparently, second place in the 14th season of the project did not suit the witch. She wanted to prove she is a strong psychic who is capable of much. “Last time was won by Sasha, this time is my chance” she said to Sergei Safronov.

      Marilyn Kerro hinted at rupture with Alexander Sheps

      Then Kerro, with a strong, considered by many abilities, was very close from the long-awaited victory — she reached the final 16 of the season, with Victoria Raydos and Nicole Kuznetsova. However, the victory went to the priestess of the cult of the ancestors, Victoria Raydos. Upset Kerro couldn’t hold back the tears coming back, she relied in the first place. Almost immediately after the announcement of the results Raydos hastened to console Marilyn. She hugged the other party and said Kerro that good. In the final 16 of the season Sheps jokingly hinted that Marilyn will come back again.

      “Wait for Marilyn next season to compete with Pahom,” cried the beloved of witches in the finale of the previous season of the project.

      However, a strong clairvoyant Sergey Pakhomov, known to television viewers as Grandpa Groin, did not return to the project, despite the fact that his fans have organized a flashmob in social networks under the name #Pahangensis. Instead, the show decided to take part enchanting witch Kerro, rumors about the return of which appeared in the summer of this year. By the way, the channel did not deny that fans of the battle may see the beloved psychics. Why Groin is gone from “the battle of psychics”