Киркоров переживает, что не сможет приехать на похороны Касторского The singer feels guilty in front of the composer. Farewell to the author of the hit “my Bunny”, which is not September 8, will be held on Sunday in St. Petersburg. Philip expressed his condolences to the family of the composer and promised to remember him all my life.

      Киркоров переживает, что не сможет приехать на похороны Касторского

      The king of Russian pop scene Philip Kirkorov experiencing one loss after another. Less than two weeks, from a serious illness died the first Director of the singer Oleg Nepomnyashchy, and here is a celebrity again announced the terrible news – September 8 died, the author of the song “my Bunny” Sergey Kastorsky. The composer was ill with cancer. Moreover, the diagnosis was delivered to him too late, when to fight the disease it was useless. Gone from the life of composer Philip Kirkorov hit “my Bunny”

      In interview to the program “You wouldn’t believe!” NTV Philip admitted that he was very scared of losing close friends. “And so here before me is this man in glasses, Sergey Kastorsky,” says Philip. – On his appearance never say that he could write such a frivolous song as “my Bunny”.

      The contractor was sorry to admit that the song, which he did for the composer Sergey Kastorsky, he did not immediately recognize the hit at all times. And if not Alla Pugacheva refused to do it.

      “I jokingly said that when our country rap was still in its infancy, the first REP – that was the song “my Bunny,” continues the man. And it forced me to sing Alla Pugacheva, saying it was a real hit, and I do this song has seriously considered”.
      Киркоров переживает, что не сможет приехать на похороны Касторского

      Philip remembered that while recording in the Studio this song was given to him with incredible labour: uncomplicated motif, simple words. The future king of pop seemed, what not Imperial this business to sing about fish, a bathhouse and a Bunny. “We with Alla have a fight even when it was recorded. I wanted to sing: “Honey, I’m your Bunny”, and Alla insisted that it must be spoken,” says Philip.

      These days, the singer finds no place, believing that too little attention was paid to his friend Sergey Kastorsky – somewhere nedoluha, something we did not “Feel sorry for Sergei, – said Kirkorov. – He often came to my concerts. But we’re all in the hustle and bustle, always a lot of people, there’s no time. “James, Hey, I’ll call you and you call” on…”

      The funeral of Sergey Kastorsky will be held on Sunday, September 11, at the Smolensk cemetery in St. Petersburg. Philip to attend the farewell will not be able. The singer expressed his deep condolences to the family of the departed composer.

      “May he rest in peace – said Kirkorov. – God rest his soul. I remember Sergei always. At age 60, and 70 … And people will always remember “Bunny” and its author. I can’t be at the funeral, but not necessarily will manifest myself in this day.”