Стинг восхитился красотой Валерии The British singer, who performed on the last day of the contest of young singers “New wave” in Sochi, had a good time in the company of guests of the festival. Especially strongly he was impressed with Russian women. Sting couldn’t help but compliment Valeria.

      9 February in Sochi hosted the closing of the international festival “New wave”. It was visited by many stars of show business — Ksenia Sobchak, Nikolay Baskov, Philip Kirkorov, Valeria and Joseph Prigozhin, Kristina Orbakaite, Valery Meladze and other celebrities.

      The main frames of the “New wave”: what is not shown on TV

      Guest of the closing of the contest was 64-year-old British singer sting, leader of the cult band the Police. To thunderous applause, he performed four of their hit. The artist was pleased with the warm reception he received in the resort town, but not much less, he was delighted with the beauty of Russian women. Especially strongly impressed his 48-year-old Valeria. This was told by her husband Joseph Prigozhin.

      “There was a funny story. When the photographer asked to see him, sting him, they say, can I get better at Valery will look. Eye, says, magic. Here’s a compliment,” shared Joseph Prigozhin with “StarHit”.

      It is unknown what was your reaction to the words sting people’s artist of Russia, but it’s quite usual for her situation — Valerie is constantly making compliments about her stunning appearance. Valeria remains true to its image for several years. Only one celebrity has decided to change his habits, and appeared at a social event with black hair and a short haircut. The guests come to the delight of Valerie, who became for a time a true punk Princess. Even fashion historian Alexander Vasilyev did not remain indifferent and praised her style.

      Recall that the contest of young singers “New wave” opened up another star from abroad — the Latin American singer Ricky Martin performed their rousing hits, including the famous “Livin la vida loca”. The audience, especially girls, did not remain indifferent to the special guest of the festival. But due to a busy schedule he spent in the resort town for only one day, a little upsetting his fans.

      Closing the “New wave”: the arrival of sting, Basque in the image of the pokemon and other surprises

      The winners of the “New wave” were two of the musician — a native of Croatia Dino and the Italian Walter Ricci. “It is sad that it ends,” — said on the last day of the festival the Chairman of jury of competition Igor Cool.