Дмитрий Шепелев учит сына кататься на велосипеде Showman returned to Moscow from vacation and went for a walk in the Park with Plato. Three year old quite confidently manages two-wheeled vehicle, but star dad insures an heir. Dmitry Shepelev still shows the boy only from the back.

      Showman Dmitry Shepelev continues to maintain the reputation of a thoughtful and touching father. Despite his busy schedule, Dmitry tries to give maximum time to his younger son Platon, who after the death of the boy’s mother Zhanna Friske brings up one.

      In the microblog Dmitry Shepelev pictures showing that Plato is growing, surrounded by care star dads, appear quite often. However, the baby’s famous father is not showing, only the comments that Plato is next to him. Here and this Saturday, dad and son, apparently, spent together, riding in one of the capital’s parks on bicycles.

      “Weekend for two” – signed Dmitry Shepelev a picture in Instagram, which has the steering wheel of the adult bike and the back of the boy who famously pedaled vehicle for those who are still small.

      Probably behind the wheel of a smaller bike is Plato and Dmitry Shepelev is going behind, protecting the son. The child obviously feels comfortable and understands that he is safe.

      By the way, father and son summer spent at sea. Specifically where they rested for two months, Dmitry Shepelev did not disclose, only implying that the breaks were on one coast of the South seas and have been fine. Dmitry Shepelev confirmed that Plato rests with him

      A little boy’s father shared in social networks photos of the trip. Dmitry was on clonecam, as he and his son arranged the Breakfast on the sand, laying out the tentacle of the octopus, which are probably themselves caught in the sea. Shepelev published in the microblog an interesting video in which his son tried to pull off hands with a paper bracelet, which often give pleasure to visit certain areas. Dad Plato joked that the props on the left hand of the heir after visiting a night club.

      But unfortunately family Friske, Dmitry has restricted their communication with Plato. Now the question of meetings of the boy with grandma, grandpa and aunt Natasha decided by the court. Sister Jeanne confesses to his missing nephew: “My little Prince, I miss you very much”. She again wants to return to a time when she had read the boy books, make food and a bed to sleep in.