Откровенное фото Веры Брежневой вызвало споры в Сети The singer has provoked a debate on the themes of decency. The Vera Brezhneva received mixed reactions from the fans. Considering perfect body of a star, some admire her perfect figure, while others believe that the mother of two girls takes not really a good example to his daughters.

      Recognized beauty Vera Brezhneva, which the readers of “StarHit” recently named one of the sexiest women in the country, does not hesitate to show the advantages of their delightful figures.

      Pictures, looking at that everyone can see how good form of Vera Brezhnev, singer quite often publishes in the microblog, consistently receiving rave reviews from fans about her beauty.

      However, the new candid photos of the stars caused a very mixed reaction from her followers. In the picture, full of eroticism and gives scope for the imagination, the singer is depicted lying down with his head. Wearing a gorgeous bra and short shorts, which also open. “Endless love”, signed photograph of Vera Brezhnev, accompanied by post hashtags “love” and “Paradise”.

      Bold frame provoked a discussion on the themes of decency. Someone who admires the perfect shape of a star, someone believes that it sets a bad example for his daughters.

      “A body!”, “Amazing photos”, “mermaid on the shore of love. Luxury!”, “But why is she so beautiful?”, “Faith, you are incredible. Husband is not jealous?”, “The most charming! Well, not on our stage such personalities as Vera!”, “The horror! I don’t understand, I’m sorry!”, “You have two daughters, what an example you submit them”, – such comments under the picture of Vera Brezhneva leave subscribers of the star.

      The singer said that the picture was taken while working on her new music video, and has promised to continue to tell your fans about the details of creating a future hit.

      By the way, Brezhnev did not hesitate to appear semi-Nude in music videos. Also it allows yourself to wear revealing outfits for the publication, shocking the audience. A young woman looks beautiful, so do not miss an opportunity to showcase the sensual curves of your body. Vera Brezhneva does not regret forces for the sake of a perfect body

      Hard to believe, but in his youth, the Faith did not consider himself an attractive girl. I’m a long time his appearance is not much interested. Knew that ugly, well and accepted it as a given. Wore short hair, no curls,” recalled Brezhnev. According to the ex-participant of group “VIA Gra”, his mother managed to instill in her the right taste in clothes, so in a short time the girl ceased to look ridiculous.