Амаль Клуни подогрела слухи о своей беременности
Wife of George Clooney hidden from the public.

George and Amal Clooney

Photo: Legion-media

Recently fans of the 38-year-old
Amal Clooney had to endure a bitter disappointment. The fact that she
already canceled their long-planned appearance at an international forum “Women
change the world” in Melbourne (Australia). This decision has caused sincere bewilderment
many, as a staunch feminist Amal until recently, thought to be his
duty to participate in this event. Besides, she still let your
fans. After all, they had to pay for tickets to this event for a thousand
dollars. Ended up being that wanted to talk personally with Amal said
what is it in Australia arrive another, much less “large”
celebrity – Waleed Aly. About it reported the edition Globe.

The rumors that
the wife of George Clooney expecting a baby began to spread this summer, when
she and her husband were vacationing in Italy. Then it was noticed that Amal
unexpectedly fell in love with the clothes casual.
And after returning to America, the wife of George almost ceased to appear.
in public. Lately, even when he Clooney appears on all sorts of
official events, his wife next to be seen. But before she ever
he never missed an opportunity to show off his next stunning toilet and
a slender figure.

George, who apparently got caught up with the wife at home, decided
to have fun – without her. As it became
you know, he went on a great trip on a motorcycle with her boyfriend, husband
Cindy Crawford And Randy Gerber. Randy and George, who made a stop in Wyoming”s Grand Teton National Park,
to take a picture with a willing, decided to drive a considerable distance – about 2, 5 thousand
kilometers. However, the man is no stranger, because in the past year they
have done on their bikes a long way, driving from Mexico to Utah.