Из-за чего Джастин Бибер приостановил свою карьеру: оказывается певец борется с болезнью

Из-за чего Джастин Бибер приостановил свою карьеру: оказывается певец борется с болезнью

Famous American singer recently returned to the stage, to which his fans were insanely happy. Before that, the singer said that stop his career, because it is in a severe depression and needed the help of experts. Due to the severe mental state he even endured a few times your wedding with Hailey Baldwin. Very soon the world will see a documentary about Justin, which will place all points over “and”. It turns out that a career break was not associated with depression: have Bieber found severe disease.

In two weeks we will premiere a documentary film about the life journey of Justin. Journalists who were at the preview picture of the report that a break in his career is associated with a complex disease, which is called Lyme disease. It is an infectious disease that affects the Central nervous system, skin, heart muscle and the musculoskeletal system. This disease is inherited, by the way, they also suffer Bella Hadid, her mother and brother.

Just because of this disease Justin earlier, he’s been in scandals and scrapes. Very often it was over the police station, the guy was provoking people to fight rushed to his fans and contemptuous of women. During this period, the recognition of the Bieber, he started to use heavy drugs. This condition was very afraid of him, he was worried she wouldn’t be able to stop and his life will forever remain so. Celebrity independently decided to seek help from professionals. However, the biggest motivation to quit using drugs, became his current wife Hailey Baldwin. The model has found a way to make it back to the normal life of a healthy person.

As for Lyme disease, the doctors for a long time, could not supply him the correct diagnosis, and only in the last year, experts have realized the cause of his ailments. In the moment he gets the proper treatment so that it is much easier. Before, when the diagnosis was not set, Bieber was prescribed the wrong drugs and he started having an allergic reaction. It is manifested in the form of a skin rash on the face. That is why you often see the photos from the paparazzi, in which Justin’s entire face is covered with acne.

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