Как складываются отношения Гвинет Пелтроу с ее бывшим мужем Крисом Мартином и его новой возлюбленной

Как складываются отношения Гвинет Пелтроу с ее бывшим мужем Крисом Мартином и его новой возлюбленной

Famous American 47-year-old actress and businesswoman Gwyneth Paltrow’s is an example of excellent ex-wife. After she divorced with her husband Chris Martin, no information about the division of property and scandals, have been reported. On the contrary, the celebrity did everything in my power to maintain good friendly relations with her ex-husband.

After the divorce it’s been quite a lot of time and Gwyneth proves all that to be a friend to her ex-husband possible. Moreover, she maintains excellent relations with a new lover Chris actress Dakota Johnson.

Most recently, Paltrow’s graced the cover of the famous American glossy Bazaar, and gave a short interview about her ex-husband and his new girlfriend. It turns out Gwyneth not just friends with Dakota, and truly loves her. The actress admits that such a statement may look very strange, because the public is not accustomed to such behavior, however, thanks to the experience and wisdom she is great at. Of Paltrow’s sure have to give this world something more than just resistance.

Also, the actress shared stories about the relationship with Chris Martin. She believes that these five years that they live separately from each other after the divorce, don’t make them strangers. Ex-lovers cannot be the finish line in the relationship because of shared children. In their family there is rule that they see each week full membership to spend time together.

Gwyneth sure that the children are the commitments of two to the end of life, she’s with Martin is constantly updating relations. If I had no children together, then things would have been different, meaning to see and make friends in this case is absent.

Of Paltrow’s added, what is the perception of the ex-husband she was not always. In the beginning after the divorce, it was very difficult to cope with their emotions, but every day was getting easier, and now she’s with Chris full understanding. Most interesting is that even the family holidays they celebrate together, and to go on a double date with their new choices for them is easy.

Well, so beautiful family relationship can only envy, and show an example of some of the Hollywood couples who are currently experiencing long and scandalous divorce.

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