Хоакин Феникс будет надевать один костюм на все церемонии награждений этого сезона

Хоакин Феникс будет надевать один костюм на все церемонии награждений этого сезона

The famous American actor Joaquin Phoenix made a statement that he was going to wear the same Tux on all the awards this season. This decision he took in order to draw public attention to the rational use of clothing for the maintenance of ecology around the world.

Severe fires in the history of Australia, rapid climate change, global warming — these subjects came from the lips of celebrities during the awards ceremony the Golden globes 2020. Joaquin Phoenix decided not to talk too much and show business, as he’s worried about the ecology in the world.

Therefore, the 45-year-old American actor, once received the award for best actor in a drama, announced a very important decision. He stated that all future Red carpet events he will attend in the same tuxedo. Mass production of clothing, strangely enough, but also adversely affects the ecology of our world, and therefore his act, he wants to attract the attention of the public. Clothes done too much lately, Joaquin believes that to really reduce the number, urging everyone not to change outfits every day.

This tuxedo of Phoenix has been sewn by British designer Stella McCartney. Joaquin is not just chosen as a fashion designer it. The fact that Stella already a few years is renowned for its social position on the environment. It produces clothes that are as environmentally friendly as possible, does not use fur and skin, and also tries to reduce the amount of materials and costs. She sends large sums in charity PETA, which defends the rights of animals.

By the way, it is worth Recalling that according to the world animal protection organization, Joaquin Phoenix was awarded the man of the year. This award was awarded to the actor for his active social work. This year he produced a documentary that tells about the people who care about nature and animals. He also personally appeared in advertisements under the slogan “We are all animals”.

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