Почему Джоли выгнала Питта: новые детали в деле о разводе Angelina was prepared to separation a secret from her husband and was informed it only the day before the submission of documents to the court. The whole world is now discussing how the couple will divide property acquired during 11 years of marriage.

      Почему Джоли выгнала Питта: новые детали в деле о разводе

      Until 19 September brad pitt were planning a trip to London with Angelina and the kids. The message that is the journey they will all have to sit in the besieged journalists a Los Angeles mansion, was for him an unpleasant surprise. But even more the actor provoked the assertion of the wife that the divorce due to the threat it poses to their children.

      Jennifer aniston on pitt divorce: “I never wanted this to happen”

      Of course, the press agent of the actress contained only General words about the “moral health” of the family. From informal sources it became known that the actress accuses her husband of failing to control anger and alcohol abuse.

      “Angie don’t like his methods of raising children, the sources said, and the example that brad delivers them”.
      Почему Джоли выгнала Питта: новые детали в деле о разводе

      Connoisseurs Hollywood courts are interested in what I can squeeze out lawyer Laura Wasser, recently representing in court the wife of johnny Depp.

      Vacation from love

      Brad says that Angelina deliberately defamed him to gain full custody of the children, leaving the husband only “right to visit”. That’s the actress that doesn’t ask for any financial compensation or alimony. From the property it intends to take only one of the common houses, their jewelry and personal items.

      But the information that the actor addiction to alcohol is getting out of control, appeared in the press before. According to relatives, for 11 years of marriage with brad had the habit to disappear and reappear in a few days, drunk and smelling of strip clubs” as it was called Angelina. Explaining the partying, the actor said that everyone sometimes wants to relax from the worries associated with the education of six loved ones, but noisy kids.

      Chaos, cross-dressing and fighting: the shocking details of family life with Jolie and pitt

      “Brad is not a Saint, tell your friends. But he is a loving father who never tore children evil. All he is trying to do is a little discipline them, because Angie is anything they are not limiting. Brad is much more wife and Yes, sometimes he yells at them, why their mother never does.”
      Почему Джоли выгнала Питта: новые детали в деле о разводе

      On a short leash

      Pitt refused to fight with his wife in the press, he doesn’t want children to read bad things about their parents. But “unofficial sources” is on his side. “Angelina is a powerful woman who sought to control every step of the brad – they are misleading. – No end point, how to raise children, whom to be friends, what movies to play. He said: “Yes, dear”, and she needed to look away, did it my way. This led her into a rage”.

      But there was something, becausee angelina stronger. “Actresses that brad is removed, flirt with him – are recognized as friends of the actor. – He does not see anything wrong to play along, but never passes the borders. But Angie finds this as a reason for jealousy and mistrust”. Not so long ago the actress has fired a nanny because the children reported that crazy head of the family. Later, after visiting brad on the set of the film “the Allies,” Angelina insulted his partner Marion Cotillard. She knew that evil tongues talking of the friendship between pitt and the French as the beginning of the novel, although Cotillard is expecting her second child and is happy in a civil marriage with actor and Director Guillaume Canet.

      “Marion was not interested in brad as a man, – eyewitnesses tell. “Moreover, he admired the human rights activities of Angelina and wanted to meet her. But Angie ignored the French, and if that appealed to her, silently turned away. Marion is a pity that Angelina was so weak and suggestible”.

      Mutual claims the pair did not prevent Jolie to admit that brad’s regname remains the love of her life. But even if she wants to reconcile whether a forgive brad hit in the back of a packet of divorce documents and have spilled on it a bucket of dirt?