Жаркая страсть обернулась для Игоря Верника травмой The artist had to do the surgery. Igor Vernik has participated in the work on the project NTV “PA” in that moment, when he was overtaken by trouble. After filming a sex scene the actor swollen hand.

      Жаркая страсть обернулась для Игоря Верника травмой

      Igor Vernik went through an operation on the ligaments. The artist did not expect that he would have to pause in the work schedule due to health problems. However, the pain was impossible. Trauma to the limbs has occurred during the filming of the drama “PA”, which next week will start on NTV channel.

      When it came to the sex scenes, wernick was filled with a desire to surprise your partner, the actress Victoria Romanenko, and to work out the episode at the highest level. So before the first take he decided to warm up my body, taking advantage of a slight pause.

      “The scenario we had to shot the sex scene with his mistress, it was the first our first day of work in a pair. In the house where we filmed was so cold. Like a true gentleman, this icy bed, I gave in to his partner, so she heated the place. Meanwhile, I went to do push-UPS, took a few approaches to warm up, recalls that fateful day wernick. – The script did not anticipate such a passion that we given. We had to move to keep each other warm. A few days after the shooting I was sick the hand was swollen. And recently I had to do an operation on the ligaments.
      Жаркая страсть обернулась для Игоря Верника травмой

      In contrast, Igor and Victoria, and between them on the set of “Pennsylvania” was a complete understanding of their on-screen characters do not quite fit together.

      Scenario hero Wernicke – journalist Edward – located in the heart of the series. All male suspects in the kidnapping of his son, while he himself is on the list of suspects. Besides, he has a complicated relationship with his wife, who every day are becoming worse. Edward acquires his mistress, which, however, as the wife does not always understand him and receive care.

      “Edward used to solve all issues quickly, rapidly, using his authority and connections. But suddenly he finds himself in a foreign environment and in a very complicated circumstances. It gets stuck as in a swamp, stuck with each step more and more. Kozlov’s wife begins to drink, but the mistress does not understand it. All this happens at a time when Edward needed a simple human warmth… “PA” is not about what trouble have in common. This is the story of two people who live together out of habit. Their feelings are long gone, everyone has their own point of view on who is right and who is wrong. But to blame all” – talks about his hero Igor Vernik.

      Spectators eagerly await the start of a new series featuring favorite actors. The series premiere of “PA” will be held on NTV on 3 October.