Почему смерть Черной вдовы не получила достаточно внимания в «Мстителях: Финал»

The filmmakers explained why he paid little attention to death and perpetuate the memory of the Black widow (Natasha Romanoff) as she did with Tony stark.

Attention, if you don’t want to get caught in the crossfire of spoilers, take cover in our tape by other news from the world of show business! If you do decide fearlessly to understand the fate of the Black widow – welcome!

Although “Black widow” (Scarlett Johansson) has not received the film with her name in the first decade of the cinematic Marvel universe, she was such a Central part of the franchise as everyone else. For the first time in kynoselen her character appeared in “Iron Man 2” (2010), where she played an important role. So surprisingly, in the movie “the Avengers: Finale” I decided not to waste time, to perpetuate her name in the end. Although in the finals, and spent a lot of time to say goodbye to Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) and Captain America (Chris Evans).

We will remind, in “the Avengers: Finale” Natasha went on Wormer along with Clint Barton. She jumped down from the mountain, bringing himself as a sacrifice for a Soul gem, which then became the Avengers. As you can see, the Black widow was an important link in the film, because if she hadn’t killed himself on Virmire, the Avengers couldn’t save dead people. So her victim had the same value as the sacrifice of Tony stark.

But when we come to the end of the film, we get a big farewell to Iron Man, and not such honors to the Black widow. But it would be a great time to raise the role of the character who always acted from the shadows and never got as much recognition as Tony. Only once the Black Widow came into the spotlight in the end of the movie “Captain America: the Winter Soldier” (2014) when the U.S. Senate Committee threatened to court martial her.

The questions of fans about why the heroine Scarlett Johansson didn’t get their scene of farewell, co-Director of “the Avengers” Joe Russo said that is the reason of the scheduled release of a solo film about Black widow.

-People ask why Natasha had not received as much attention after death as Tony, said Joe Russo. — Tony doesn’t have another movie. And Natasha will be a movie about her. And the universe of “Marvel”, obviously, should not move forward linearly, because this character will be even more time on the screen.

So, the Black widow has not received a farewell at the end of “the Avengers: Finale” from the film of the prequel, which will be released in may next year. It is expected that the film “Black widow” will be more than just another prequel, like “Captain America: the First avenger” or “Captain marvel”. After all, perhaps, the “Black widow” will be present kynoselen characters that appear after “Final”. But while Marvel has not yet confirmed any information about this film.

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