Обезьянка Марсель из «Друзей» снова снимется в сериале

The Capuchin, who played Pets Ross in “Friends,” will return to television screens. This time the monkey will star in the FX “Y: the Last man”.

The role of the Capuchin approved by the General Director of TV channel FX John Landgraf. In fact, watching the pilot episode of the series, he was convinced that the role of someone with whom he previously worked. And, as the newspaper “Hollywood Reporter”, John immediately recognized the monkey known “actor”.

— I know Jennifer aniston, I know Courtney Cox and find out that monkey!- was thinking Landgraf at FX party during the summer press tour of television critics Association.

Speaking about the monkey, known to fans of “Friends” as Marcel the pet and friend of Ross Gellar – John Langraf with humor noted that “there is nothing better than working with an experienced actor who knows how to succeed.”

Add, after “Friends” career Marcel went up, and he got the role in the film “Epidemic” with Dustin Hoffman. The name of the primacy was even submitted to one of the posters.

In real life Marcel is the monkey female named Katie. Coronary channel FX has contacted her representatives and trainers who agreed to the shooting of Kathy in the TV series “Y: the Last man”. But she, as in “Friends,” will play the monkey-boy.

Interestingly, Capuchins live to about forty years. In “Friends”, Kathy starred still very young. Now she has more than twenty years. Well, another twenty years before the monkey will open the whole world of show business!

Series “Y: the Last man” tells the story of Yorick brown from Keohane – the last surviving man on Earth. The hero must find out why the population of the planet was destroyed. Only friend-mlekopitayushchim Yorick, who survived, is a Capuchin Ampersand (Kathy). That their adventures and will form the basis of the plot.

But there is one “but”. Despite the fact that Katie has already filmed the pilot episode, the show has undergone. So, for a change sornram Aida Kroal and Michael green came Eliza Clark. Due to this change in employees, it’s unclear whether Katie to continue working on the project or it will be replaced by someone else, and maybe the computer version.

Recall, just recently, Jennifer aniston admitted that she missed “Friends”. And the 25th anniversary of “Friends” for a continuous 25-hour viewing of the series you will be able to get a thousand dollars and a subscription to “Netflix”.

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