Почему всех бесит Милли Бобби Браун?

Millie Bobby brown is just 14, but she is a real star! The popularity of the actress brought the role in the acclaimed series “Very strange things”, where with her on a couple played by such famous actors as Winona Ryder, David harbour, Sean Astin and others. To cope with a sudden surge of popularity at such a young age is not so simple and, it seems, Millie “caught the star”.

First and foremost, the star of “annoying” the public is unusual for their age outfits. Earlier the star was accused of inappropriate dress her age for entering on the red carpet of the “Golden globe”, and now criticize the photos in the social network. The actress put up a photo in which appeared before the camera in a slinky short dress with snake print. The image Millie was supplemented sandals with high heels. Such lavish outfit could not fail to excite the public. On brown flew many nasty comments: “the 14-year-old girl wants to look at 24. Maybe we should first reach sexual maturity, and then to wear heels?”. But whether pictures of this negativity? In spite of everything it is worth remembering that Milly is still a child and she’s only 14!

Of course, this reaction hurt the star and that closed comments. Later Millie wrote the story: “Everything is under my last picture you want me to, “consistent with his age”, but frankly, this is my page. If I published a photo and you don’t like it, swipe it”.

A private conversation was “adult” Dating Millie. At fashion shows brown sit in the forefront together with by A$AP Rocky, and the relationship of the girl with the Drake is another story. Many condemned the star of “Strange Affairs” for “intimate” correspondence with a 32-year-old rapper. Insiders are always talking about the interaction with adults is a way of earning on his daughter.

Condemn the young star is not only people, but also other stars. The other day Millie put the photograph in short dress lying on the sofa. “I’m at parties” — signed the post girl. The commented 50-year-old American actress Molly Ringwald: “Good! When I was your age sat in the corner, curled up and pressed against the wall.”

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