Милли Бобби Браун опять критикуют в сети

14-year-old Millie Bobby brown became famous for roles in the fantasy series “a Very strange case.” But the popularity of two sides: Millie is now reaping the negativity that had descended on her too “adult” images. The star received a lot of criticism due to the explicit outfits, heels, make-up and adult friends, and now he’s all angry statement about the character of the new series “You”.

Милли Бобби Браун опять критикуют в сети

9 September 2018 on the streaming site Netflix released a new series that instantly became popular. Not surprising, because the film starred a hot guy from “Gossip girl” Penn, Bagli. Though the series Millie to look too early, because there’s a lot of sexual content and violence, brown still watched it. News decided to share in the social network, which received a lot of negativity.

“Start watching “You.” Joe is not weird, he’s in love with her and that’s okay! Just love this, can’t stop playing!” says Millie in the story. The fact is that the main character, Joe works in a bookstore and fell in love with one of the attendees — Back. The girl is so sunk into the soul of the hero that he is ready to do everything to be with her. Mental disorder, sociopathy — all this became the reason for the desire to kill. Joe becomes the serial killers and this is not a healthy love.

“By the way, you know, everyone will say that he was a Stalker, why do you support him? But no, he’s just in love! Just watch the series before judging my opinion”. Here at Millie barrage of negativity that the actress hastened to reply: “Just finished watching “You”, and, you know, making a video earlier, I was only the second episode! I hurried. Watched 10 series and now think that it is really a Stalker. But the show was great, so in anticipation of the second season. Sorry if anyone is disappointed.”

The actor, who played Joe in the series, trying to convey to fans that we should not romanticize his character! Twitter Penn told fans and reiterated that his hero is a murderer!

First Millie “irritate” the public is unusual for their age outfits. Earlier the star was accused of inappropriate dress her age for entering on the red carpet of the “Golden globe”, and now criticize the photos in the social network. The actress put up a photo in which appeared before the camera in a slinky short dress with snake print. The image Millie was supplemented sandals with high heels. Such lavish outfit could not fail to excite the public. On brown flew many nasty comments: “the 14-year-old girl wants to look at 24. Maybe we should first reach sexual maturity, and then to wear heels?”. But whether pictures of this negativity? In spite of everything it is worth remembering that Milly is still a child and she’s only 14!

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