Белла Хадид использует филлеры? Отвечает мама модели

Yolanda Hadid posted on instagram post in which talked about their fillers and plastic surgery. Mom sisters Gigi and Bella told me about what a terrible mistake it was to use fillery and implants. The star was removed and very happy. But the public is more interested in the daughter of Yolanda. Bella uses fillers? Responsible mother!

Белла Хадид использует филлеры? Отвечает мама модели

Yolanda open up and even responded to such a comment: “I completely agree with you, but what about your daughters? Especially Bella. She’s beautiful, but why is using fillers?”. “None of my kids have never used a filler and did nothing with the body. They look at me and know that I had to go” — so said the mother of the popular sisters.

Such interest in the appearance of the model triggered by the early statements about the use of unnatural methods of beauty. A sharp influx of charges made model to speak out: “People think I’ve always been confident, but I had to learn this. People think I got all of that for the operations that I did this or that. And you know what? We can do a scan of my face, dear. I’m afraid to inject fillers into the lips. I wouldn’t want to spoil your face.” Well, it looks like we never wait for recognition. Look at old and new photos of the model, and silently marvel at”.

Recall Yolanda in his instagram star put a picture in your underwear, which shamelessly showed his body free of chemical fillers and implants. “Fifty-five, and I smile inside. I went back to the original 1964. While in the body, free breast implants, fillers, Botox and all that shit, as I thought, I need to be like this, society made me believe that a sexy woman should look that way, while the toxicity of it all almost killed me. Your health is your wealth, so please take informed decision, check the information you give our broken system, before doing something with your body.”

“It took me many years to correct some bad decisions that I made before I finally accepted myself and realized that I am the best version of me without any standards except my own. We must love ourselves and appreciate our unique, one-of-a-kind beauty at any age, as long as we move through this journey called “life”. Beauty is nothing without your health”.

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