С кем бьется сердце Эмина и мой забытый галстук Emin Agalarov will lead his beloved to the altar for 14 July. What will be one of the most brilliant weddings of the year, and where the couple will spend the honeymoon?

Unlike the cheerleaders of the winning team of the world Cup, fans Emin Agalarov will be disappointed, because he did not have time to give an interview to the program “Good morning America” said that the President of the United States enjoy a friendly relationship having another episode. Saturday is the most eligible groom matrimonial fair will change the status – Emin’s getting married! And now it is clear that the words of his recent hit, “My heart beats only with you” do not refer to the mysterious stranger, and the beautiful Alena Gavrilova. Apparently, the beautiful model did not upset that the wedding will be discreet, but the honeymoon will coincide with the festival Emin’s “Heat”.

In these days there is another new family. Former official of the defense Ministry Evgenia Vasilyeva, the former Minister and the same Minister Anatoly Serdyukov became husband and wife! And their marriage I worry more. The fact that during the interview with Yevgenia Vasilyeva in Dairy lane (her leg was then decorated with a bracelet) I forgot a brown tie, Tom Ford. So if Mr Serdyukov will see among the bags of Chanel men’s tie, so don’t worry.