Дмитрий Тарасов получил работу после родов Анастасии Костенко Recently, the former spouse of Olga Buzova a daughter. Dmitry Tarasov did not have time to be happy for a new member of the family, as he had more good news for fans: the footballer continued cooperation with FC “locomotive”.
Дмитрий Тарасов получил работу после родов Анастасии Костенко

Looks like a black stripe in the life of Dmitry Tarasova really ended. A few days ago, a footballer called themselves unemployed and even considered the transition to a provincial football club “Rostov”, “Terek” has become home of the “Loco”. However, recently on the official account of FC Lokomotiv Moscow in Instagram have reported that the midfielder extended his contract with the club, however, for a short time.

But first the athlete has left “Loko”, but with the condition that his wages will be halved. It is not known whether Dmitry to the same as in the best years of his sports career.

“Hurrah! Dmitry Tarasov with us! The midfielder signed a new agreement for one year! The guy played for the “Loco” for eight memorable seasons and scored 12 goals, won two of the Cup of Russia, and last season helped the team become the champion of the country. Dim, before the meeting”, — said the representatives of the club.
Дмитрий Тарасов получил работу после родов Анастасии Костенко

Tarasov himself does not deny that extremely happy to be back in the team. Last year the club became the champion of Russia and, hence, Mr will be able to participate in the Champions League and to play against the best football teams in Europe. The athlete was quick to talk about their emotions associated with a long-awaited contract extension.

“Very happy to stay in the “Locomotive”. This is my home, my family and the best fans! We have made great strides, but there is no less difficult tests, the new season, the Champions League. Very soon you will join the team in training camp, missed the guys!” — admitted Dmitry.

Until recently, many condemned material difficulties in the family of Dmitry, who used to live in Grand style (in the Metropolitan football club his salary was 2.5 million euros per year). The reason for this was that Tarasov reduced the price of the apartment in which he once lived with ex-wife Olga Buzova and put it up for sale for 65 million rubles instead of 70.

Dmitry Tarasov laid a two-car Mercedes

And two years ago, as it became known “StarHit”, Dmitry laid two luxury cars – a private “g”, a value of not less than 7 million rubles, Mercedes GLE, who left after her divorce with Buzova. While the machines are pledged, and if the player is not to pay for them, you risk to remain without means of transportation.

It seems that after the birth of her daughter, the life of Dmitry Tarasov began to change for the better and now, apparently, the athlete will be able to correct their financial situation and get out of debt. Recall, the heiress of the player of “Locomotive” was born a few days ago in the elite Metropolitan hospital. Birth Kostenko went well, at this time, the mother and the baby are at home and feel great.