Who is Anastasia Pakhanova, helping to find a way to unique self-expression Anastasia Pakhanova is a tattoo artist.

Who is Anastasia Pakhanova, who helps to find a way to unique self-expression She is the founder of one of the most popular in St. Petersburg tattoo studios Pakhanoff Tattoo Art. People come to her looking for a unique way to express themselves. For each of them, Anastasia Pakhanova creates an individual sketch, taking into account the character, habits and physique. The owner of a tattoo can be sure: no one else has and never will have such a pattern.
The variety of topics that Anastasia offers is amazing. Snakes and dragons in combination with flora and fauna, large projects and even compositions based on the Renaissance era are by no means a complete list of what the master masterfully transfers to the body.

“I loved to draw since childhood. My grandfather saw an artist in me, believed in me, supported me. I am still grateful to him for this.”

After graduating from art school, the girl without a doubt entered a prestigious creative university.

Who is Anastasia Pakhanova, helping to find a way to unique self-expression

Anastasia Pakhanova: biographical facts

Anastasia's homeland is sunny Kazakhstan. Closer to the first grade, she moved with her family to St. Petersburg – her mother once studied in the Northern capital, and no longer wanted to live anywhere else. The girl became a student of the physics and mathematics school, after the ninth grade she entered the artistic and aesthetic lyceum at the Stieglitz Academy. Further – and to the university itself for the specialty “graphic designer”.

Already in the 2nd year, Anastasia began to enthusiastically engage in tattoos. After completing her bachelor's degree, she did not have a choice where to work. She has already found a profession to her liking.
Today, the tattoo artist lives and works in St. Petersburg. Her first studio opened here in 2016. The Pakhanoff Tattoo Art logo is a jaguar depicted in a geometric style, as well as a car of the eponymous brand. Images of animals from the cat family especially inspire the girl and her husband, also a tattoo artist.

Special Business

Initially, Anastasia Pakhanova did not plan to open her own studio. Together with her husband, she rented a room in which it was possible to receive clients. But it turned out to be too spacious, and it was decided to invite students into it. Anastasia managed to create such a comfortable art space for work that it gradually grew over several floors.
“Tattoo studios are a unique business. It's not enough to just be an entrepreneur. Without knowing the specifics of the work, you can fail the project. Conditions must be created first of all for the craftsmen, to provide them with comfort.”

But this is only half the battle. The owner of a tattoo studio has to delve into a thousand nuances that are far from the ideas of a creative person. Fortunately, this did not affect Anastasia and her husband, they had an excellent tandem. Spouses often replace each other, share responsibilities related to business.

The studio continues to develop steadily. And those who previously did not believe in Anastasia's success now come for advice or ask about training.

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