The task ahead is not easy.

Anna Linnikova, a 22-year-old student from Orenburg, has passed the semi-finals of the Miss Universe 2023 pageant. “Firebird” and “Crown of the Russian Empire”: Russian woman Anna Linnikova received the right to speak in the final of “Miss Universe 2023” />

Together with her, beauties from 86 countries fought for this right. Each of the participants demonstrated an evening dress, made a fashion show in a swimsuit and presented a national costume. “Firebird” and “Crown of the Russian Empire”: Russian Anna Linnikova received the right to speak in the final of “Miss Universe 2023” />

Anna performed in a fuchsia-colored leotard, throwing a cape with a shining Firebird over her shoulders.

Then she charmed everyone with a burgundy dress from St. Petersburg designer Olga Malyarova. The outfit with the symbolic name “Crown of the Russian Empire” was decorated with pearls and Swarovski stones.

So, the young lady prepared well. And given the current conditions and widespread Russophobia, few believed that Linnikova, in general, would be able to reach such a high level. Probably, the girl's sponsor is really rich and influential, or she really is just a miracle, how good she is, which, in fact, does not negate the first.

Because all this pleasure costs a lot of money. According to experts, a license alone costs about 50 thousand dollars, and the cost of dresses varies between 10-20 thousand dollars. And the outfits must be creative, original and, most importantly, different for each competition. Now let's add the cost of the flight and the excess baggage, for which you also have to pay 200-300 thousand rubles.

In short, it is an expensive pleasure to be a beauty, and even more so to represent the country at an international competition.
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