Who gets the daughter is Scarlett Johansson?

Кому достанется дочь Скарлетт Йоханссон?
It is unknown what the outcome of the battle between the actress and her ex-husband.

Scarlett Johansson and her French boyfriend Romain Dorak in 2014


The divorce of Scarlett Johansson and her husband Romain Doriana, which was to pass away quietly and peacefully, suddenly acted like sleeping, from time to time, the volcano. The parties made statements and despite the marriage contract, allowing to solve all the differences on a pre-designed arrangements, lawyers Johansson transferred the case to the court. But in fact the cause of “sudden” act of the actress clear. Because Dorak no secret that trying to obtain the so-called physical custody of two-year old daughter, allowing him to live with her daughter in Paris on a permanent basis, and mothers giving the right at any time to visit the child. Like, Scarlett not in any event stays with the child a lot of time because they are too busy career. It costs nothing to fly to the daughter in any time you wish. She’s still endlessly disappears on a shoot or travelling as part of an advertising campaign of their projects, and to drag the girl behind him as wrong, and give her into the hands of nurses.

It is not surprising that, having failed in the negotiations from the husband’s consent to joint custody (an option when both parents are involved in decisions about the child’s life), Johansson appealed to the court on your side of the Atlantic. After the official divorce action will automatically lead to a judicial decision on the issues of child custody. And in America the Johansson, according to experienced experts, as much more chances to win. But if Dorlac first went to court in France, the situation for Scarlett would be much more difficult court hearings had to be conducted in accordance with the laws of the two States, France and the United States. It is possible that he will make a move like this. However, this situation is not so simple. Before, literally five years ago, such decisions are really almost always imposed by the judge in favor of the mother. Remember the divorce of Katie Holmes with Tom cruise in 2012, then the court is almost automatic awarded sole custody of the former wife of a superstar. But in recent years the situation has changed. Judges often consider matters of guardianship on the other angle, less beneficial to the interests of the mother. Suffice it to recall the story of the battle of Madonna and guy Ritchie their son Rocco, who was sent to live and study in England, to the father. And such examples, as say the lawyers, specializing in divorce proceedings where the main issue becomes “children’s” theme more and more.

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