Anna Pletnev: “This woman tried to steal my life”

Анна Плетнева: «Эта женщина пыталась украсть мою жизнь»
The singer said that he faced a fraud.

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Anna Pletnev was a victim of a Grand deception — the woman to whom the singer confided in, was not who he claimed to be.

Pletnev was introduced to an aspiring writer Helen, who invited Anna to write about her book. It was supposed to be a novel about a teenage bully in school, the rebel in “the Lyceum” and “bad girl” in the group “Vintage”. The book was supposed to tell about the personal life of Anna, about family, about love, about children. Pletnev honored some of the finished work of Lena, she really liked it and the singer came up with the idea of the book.

Lena warned that now they have to spend a lot of time together, practically living under the same roof, you can’t pass up a single fact from the biography of Pletnev. After some time, Elena and Anna approached, and even made friends. Pletnev has nothing to hide from his new girlfriend in her home, she became his own man, children of the singer adored her. However, my husband Pletnev their close friendship has caused a lot of questions, but Lena quickly learned his schedule, and tried less to run into him.

“For two months, Lena found out more about me than the people who were beside me all my life —said Pletnev. I am sometimes even amused. I asked: “why, do you know which toothpaste I brush my teeth and what face cream to use?” It is quite convincingly argued: “You don’t understand, I now is you. I need to get into the character, becoming you readers to believe in what I write”. So I’m not surprised that we’ve made more and more similar to each other. That is when it seemed to me that we have just one type. But soon Lena completely copied my hairstyle, style of dress, makeup, even the facial expressions and gestures. “Nothing surprising, after all, if spending a lot of time with someone, you unconsciously adopt his habits,” I thought”.

A few months Anna has become scary how Lena changed. Well, too they are similar, and the singer felt a certain tension. But just at this moment, Lena showed her the first Chapter of the book, the creative process was in full swing, and Anna relaxed. And then everything changed literally in one second. “The day after the departure of my friend’s cellphone rang, I picked it up and realized it was not my phone, and Lena forgot it. Without any suspicion, I answered the phone. And suddenly heard: “Hello, Anna?..” I was confused, “Why Anna? You must call Lena?..” “No, — replied a male voice. — I’m calling Anna Pletneva. We agreed to call her at this time. She let me pick”. There was a feeling that I’ve lost my mind… Began to view the contacts screen I watched my friends, relatives and even my children. In the folder “Photos” was all my photos and no Lena! SMS and messages in social networks was written on my behalf. Lena actively communicate not only with fans of “Vintage”, but also with my friends! And I was not amused. You have no idea what I then felt! My life was stolen, or rather my life someone lived in parallel with me”…

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