Белый верх, черный низ: Киркоров поразил новым образом

No crystals, feathers, spikes, and gold… the Crisis in the country. And now even Philip comes on stage in ordinary clothes: a white shirt and black pants.

This trick was not expected. At the premiere of her new show “I” Filipp Kirkorov appeared in the clothes of a student! But how else to describe this classic combination of white top, black bottom? And no you flamboyant feathers, gaudy jewelry, sparkling costumes, the Royal mechs, but at least the usual rhinestone…

Of course, Kirkorov tried to warn in advance that his new show will put a twist on it, but that is so…

“When I showed Franco Dragone (the Director of the show) clips and songs of my career, he said, “Philip, you did everything you could think of. But you have not shown important – yourself,” said the singer before the premiere. And frankly, I always thought I was ordinary not interesting… But decided to experiment. That’s why the show is called “I”.

And what do we see? It turns out that Philip is quite harmonious in human clothing. Laugh laugh, but really it was surprising and unusual to see the singer in a new image.

However, the transformation lasted long. In the second half of a concert Philip came on the scene in a gold sequined jacket and sparkled so that it was visible even in the gallery. Thank God, not lost of the king. And then the joke would not be on anything. Even Yulia Menshova in a recent interview asked the singer what he would do if it were not rhinestones. What Philip said with a smile: “I would Find something to decorate. Necessity is the mother of invention.”

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