White cloak: a man was for the fans of horror on the wings of night

Белый плащ: Киркоров стал для фанатки ужасом на крыльях ночи

At the concert there was an incident: a fan fell in the face of idol.

Well, not Philip to live in peace. He manages to get into the story, even during such banal at first glance, the events as his own concert. Now fans will suddenly fall to his feet like autumn leaves.

That’s how it was. In the program of show of the singer is the moment when he descends into the hall and goes along the rows in a luxurious robe with a long train. Sometimes the floor of the train support the guards, sometimes not. Here is a concert in Togliatti Philip went to the cloak through the ranks, the train dragged across the floor, and then suddenly in the aisle popped up a fan Kirkorov and followed idol.

However, its pace is not consistent with slow majestic steps of Philip. Because pretty quickly the girl caught up with the star and without considering in the dark edges of his cloak, landed a heel straight to the train. Kirkorov, not noticing this little misunderstanding, as had his back turned to the fan, moved on, pulling slightly on his cloak. Decided must have caught on something. And then the woman collapsed on the floor.

Rise of the fallen on the floor, the fan helped the security of the artist and helped her to return her to her place. If in the future the woman to get to the idol is unknown.

Later it turned out that no fan of the king of pop in the incident were not injured. Philip Bedrosovich himself commented on the story on the personal page in Instagram.

“Despite the unauthorized innovations in our opening room (the Director of the show “I am” Franco Dragone will be surprised!) and “surprises” from some (but still beloved!) my fans yesterday in Togliatti was a great evening! The cloak, incidentally, remained intact and it is today will be able to evaluate the audience of the show “I” in Samara, wrote the book. Please! Just do not check more of his strength”.

A few more images I show during the big tour in Germany

Video posted by Philip (@fkirkorov) Oct 25 2016 at 1:49 PDT

By the way, not so long ago a similar incident with the cloak Madonna concert. One of the dancers of the star inadvertently caught a plume of singer, and she fell from the stage down! The concert was almost in jeopardy. Thank God, nothing happened.

Video posted by Philip (@fkirkorov) on Nov 3 2016 at 3:13 PDT